Kobe Bryant’s Nike Kobe AD Exodus is Now Available for Customization on NIKEiD

The Nike Kobe AD Exodus is now available for customization on NIKEiD.

Nike Kobe AD Exodus Performance Review

Surprisingly, this might be the one time I recommend buying the NIKEiD version of a shoe over the retail version based on pricing value.

While materials, tech specs, and overall performance between the retail and NIKEiD versions will be the same, the price difference between the two is a mere $20. So, for $20 more you can create a completely unique sneaker that is designed by you with the same features as the $140 retail version. While I wouldn’t consider this a steal, this is definitely a better deal than the general release retail pairs.

Options aren’t vast, but they’re nice. Materials cannot be changed, but the colors can be. You can also choose to have the medial panel a different color than the rest of the upper, but there are preset color combinations (it’d be great if you could make up your own combinations though).

I love that the toe area can be a different color than the rest of the upper, as well as the flex zone area. It allows you to create a really cool looking colorway that you can’t find at retail. I always prefer solid rubber options for overall performance, but there are translucent and glow in the dark options for those that prefer that look.

If you wanted to customize your own pair of Nike Kobe AD Exodus then head over to NIKEiD.com. Retail is $160. Does this make you want to try the shoe out more than before?

For a look inside this sneaker check out the Nike Kobe AD Exodus Deconstructed.

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  1. Impulse buy with a Laker split colorway. Unless Nike got their act together now, past AD’s have be so-so with the Laker GR colors so I’m not counting on something to happen apart from a pleasant surprise.

    Really wanted to play with the green they got on the recent release, too.

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