Klay Thompson’s Latest Sneaker, the Anta KT3 Light, Has Dropped Overseas

The Anta KT3 Light is Klay Thompson’s latest sneaker and it features a new lacing system and lowcut build.

It’s no secret that our weartesters loved Thompson’s third signature sneaker — we even had to create a whole new badge for the traction because it was just that good (you can check out Nightwing2303’s Anta KT3 Performance Review for more information). Now, the KT3 Light is here — well, overseas — and it bringing some big changes.

First and most obvious is the new lacing system, which actually uses strands attached in the knit to cinch the entire knit structure when the laces are tightened. The system was unveiled by Robbie Fuller, the designer of the KT3, on a new textile Anta is using called A-LIVEKNIT.

Second, the KT3 Light slims down the midsole for some weight savings while removing the Anta logo and rubber fin at the forefoot. Instead, the Anta logo is incorporated into the midsole naturally, serving as the rubber fin for stabilization.

Lastly, the low cut build resembles that of the original KT Light, but it has also been slimmed down for 2018. The sneaker uses a new heel cup, but retains the knit upper and beastly traction pattern from the KT3.

Three colorways of the Anta KT3 Light are available now at Famuji Sneaker for $85 in sizes 6.5 to 11 and you can use code WEARTESTERS for a small discount. There is no word yet on whether the KT3 Light will come to the States via the Anta America webshop.

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Source: Famuji Sneaker


      1. i am from Germany and was shortly before buying these badboys…but then i got uncertain about the right size. And sending back to Famuji is quite expensive. When i go for the centimeters this would be the first time i got a Basketball shoe in 43. Thats suspicious xD

  1. Clever use of the logo. I was wondering how the absence of the support piece would be worked out, because that was a key feature of the regular KT3.

  2. What a gorgeous shoe! Rob Fuller designed some of the dopest bball kicks back when he was with adidas and now he’s killing at Anta. Great job!

  3. Almost dropped dead seeing the black and blue. Too bad I’m already dead…

    Broke that is. No money for new kicks for some time.

    I wish a new CP3 model would come out too…

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