Klay Thompson and Anta to Launch the KT4 Disruptive Lifestyle Sneaker

A lifestyle shoe is next up for Anta and Klay Thompson as they take the KT4 off-court.

While Klay Thompson is no stranger to having several models under his signature line, having an off-court lifestyle shoe is fairly new.

The shoe appears to be named the KT4 Disruptive and boasts what we assume is a mesh build with leather and suede overlays. The shoe may be a little busy, but it’s also in trend with today’s ’90s-inspired “dad shoe” craze. There is currently no word on whether or not the shoe will feature the same midsole cushioning as the performance version, but the tooling looks the same, aesthetically, across both models.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the shoe along with better images. Has anyone been playing in the Anta KT4? If so, are you interested in a lifestyle version of the shoe? Sound off in the comments below.


via SneakerHighway


  1. I likes this look more than the regular KT4, which is uncomfortably too close to the Lebron 15. These look more like their own thing. If it has the same cushion and traction, I would imagine they could be hooped in. Upper seems pretty stable, like most 90s shoes.

  2. I’m a little confused on what this shoe is for… is it strictly lifestyle? The image shows a guy playing in them and they look about as much like a basketball shoe as one can get. Definitely feeling them though!

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