Kevin Durant Debuts KD 9 On Court

Kevin Durant debuts the KD 9 on court during Game 3 against the Golden State Warriors.

The KD 9 won’t release until June 20 but having your own signature model has some perks, one of which being able to wear them before anyone else. Shown here in a nice cool grey colorway with hits of orange throughout the silhouette, the KD 9 looks like it will not only perform great on court, but look good doing it as well.

What do you guys think about this colorway of the KD 9? Sound of in the comments section below or on social media with the #WearTesters.

Kevin Durant Debuts KD 9 On Court-2

Kevin Durant Debuts KD 9 On Court-4

Kevin Durant Debuts KD 9 On Court-3

Kevin Durant Debuts KD 9 On Court-1

Kevin Durant Debuts KD 9 On Court-5

Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez / Photos via Nike


  1. That full length zoom should be nice. Just from looking at it, heel lockdown might be a problem, but heck who knows.

  2. Yes, that heel does look weird… i had that problem with kd 7 it was a major downfall… but if the front fit is good and materials do lock down front of the foot, it should be fine… i would like to see elites though!

  3. Steph’s shoes look better. Not only that, why would I want a shoe that isn’t built to the same specifics that the sig bearer plays in? Screw zoom air, gimme what Durant is playing in.

    1. I’d rather play in zoom than regular air….. I get why people are ticked off though,nike should be putting out what the players are wearing. Like the Kyrie 2, they give us a mediocre shoe while Kyrie gets full zoom which makes that shoe freaking amazing.

      1. I believe that Kyrie having zoom air in his current playing shoe is complete horse shit, and possibly nothing but publicity to make it seem as if zoom air is desired by players on the NBA level, which is even more complete bullshit. Zoom air does not make anyone any more safe. Fact is due to it’s instability, it can make things terribly worse especially if you are battling or recovering from injury, WHICH is why KD currently isn’t wearing that system.
        I remember years ago when Rasheed Wallace was still active, and then still wearing the AF1. The liars over on NikeTalk, actual Nike employees would say that Rasheed was only able to play in that shoe, because his pair had zoom air in them, which was debunked by ‘sheed himself in an article in SLAM magazine. Not only that his PE’s began popping up, with the owners telling everyone that there was no zoom to be found in any of them.

        I know I went a little Stephen A Smith for a moment….lol

        1. I personally don’t care whether he wears zoom or max air, but it makes me question whether the athlete is fully supporting the shoe.

    2. I don’t know about the “screw zoom air” stuff. Personally, when it comes to actual impact protection, zoom air far outdoes the max air to me. Now Durant is an athlete who has the best care for his legs imaginable post game, takes breaks in the game, and I’m sure knows what he needs to move comfortably in the game. However, as a person who plays for fun, has done quite a bit of “stuff” to his knees, and is looking for better protection for my knees which don’t get the same pre/post play care as a pro athlete, zoom (done right) and Boost are great. I do agree though that a company should actually put the same tech in the Signature shoe that the athlete wears. That much, I whole heartedly agree with.

        1. How do you know his pair doesn’t have Zoom Air? Have you seen them up close, or at least pictures of KD’s pair?

          1. There are pictures of his pair on this site. Not only that, people in the know, know that his pair are modified in order to protect from further injury. The latter is the reason he did not wear several pairs of his sigs shoes for the duration, Jones fracture. Soft, mushy shoes can exacerbate this sort of injury. You need a firm base of support in order to recover. Here is some info on the injury,


  4. That’s really a big Question as to why not release the same specs as what the players are wearing,

    Is Nike the only one doing that?

    More reason to avoid Nike’s right now, im sticking with my Adidas D Rose 6.

  5. Zoom air might feel great when done right, but I actually prefer some firmer setup. Mushy cushion is bad for knees, ie the Jordan 28SE makes my knees sore. But when I play in Curry 1 or 2, or Kyrie 2, I’m fine. It’s weird and I think wvery body is different and respond differently. Anyway, KD shoes have fit awkwardly for most because he has some narrow feet. Ive only balled in the KD 5 and took some time to break in. I’m hestitant to try out the KD8, and worry about heel slip and the extended heel. Cant wait for WT’s review of the KD9 as this might be ine of the most anticipated shoes of the year.

    1. i’m not much into zoom myself, good as it feels when you’re walking around i really like firmer, more responsive shoes with foam setups, when you’re always cutting, changing directions, trying to explode into the lane, taking people off the dribble, trying to run around screens and move your feet to stay in front of your man on defense, it just feels way smoother when you’re in a more minimal, low to the ground shoe
      i have the kd8, it’s a fantastic shoe in every imaginable respect, really stable and the zoom feels nice without getting in the way (you can feel it, but it isn’t mushy in any way), but yeah, the kyrie 2 and the curry 2 are what i want to play in above everything else this year

      diff’rent strokes, though, as they say

  6. This looks like a broken ankle waiting to happen. And I would know because I broke the shit out of my ankle wearing the KD7s due to heal slippage. You could legit see Druant’s heal slipping during the game smh. The thing is you can’t have that soft of an upper with what looks like very little padding and structure while having that thick of a midsole. It just won’t flex well and when it does your foot will move a ton on the footbed and out of the heel.

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