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Kanye West Still Wants Everyone That Wants Yeezys to Have a Pair

Kanye West still wants everyone that desires Yeezys to have a pair so he’s prepping for the shoe’s biggest drop yet.

It’s at this point you begin to realize who is in the “sneaker game” because they genuinely like sneakers and who is in this for resale value, social media likes, and notoriety.

While you might not like everything that comes out of Kanye West’s mouth, at least he understands that there are fans of his that want to attain his sneakers and are unable to do so because of his shoe’s resale value. With the previously limited supply of Yeezys resellers have done what they do best and held the items you want most captive with huge price tags. Now, it looks like Kanye has had enough.

The ‘Triple White’ adidas Yeezy 350 V2 is scheduled to restock on September 21 and if you want the opportunity to buy a pair all you have to do is head over to YeezySupply.com/Triple-White and enter your email to be notified once they’re available.

According to Kanye, the stock is supposed to be the most they’ve ever done so we’re crossing our fingers for anyone that may want a pair.

Is this a good move? Or are you one of the sneakerheads that prefers things to be limited? Let us know below.


  1. Good for me, because I wanted a pair. good for him and adidas, because they will most likely sell out either way… really only bad for the re sellers who are “hodling.”

  2. I’ve heard this before. I’ll believe it when I’m FINALLY able to buy a pair. Most Yeezy’s are still being held hostage in warehouses and garages and not being worn and enjoyed.

  3. honestly speaking it has been getting easier and easier to get a pair of v2s if you really want them, the resale on the most recent drops haven’t even been very high, we’re talking an extra $30-40 or maybe even less if you really want a pair of the butters, for example

    ‘ye is doing this when the desirability of 350 v2s is kind of at an all-time low (the 500s are still doing ok and the 750s are still super-hype because of the low production numbers of course) so in some senses it kind of makes sense, and in others it isn’t going to register a whole lot of interest among hypebeasts who no longer really care about the silhouette

    there’s a whole mythology about how yeezys are impossible to get, but they’re not, you just have to put in a modicum of effort to figure out where to look, now adidas are making it globally available to folks who never cared enough about the shoe to secure a pair….and that’s cool, those people have saved a lot of time and energy and can get a comfortable, well-designed sneaker no sweat, now that the shoe has pretty much become a shoe like any other, its hypebeast aura having withered for the most part

    1. honestly i think the world would care a lot more if jordan brand decided to make the banned 1s a massive GR for once, that’s really what should happen, do a one-time massive drop of the banned 1s and the chicago 1s…they would still sell out however high the numbers are and they would make a lot more money than putting out all these crappy flyknit iterations and weird retro colorways of 13s, 11s, 3s, 5s etc.

      1s are an all-time classic in a way that yeezys can only aspire to be

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