Kanye Addresses Theft of Design Sketches

On Thursday, we reported that Kanye West had stolen design sketches from former Nike designer Tony Spackman. Yesterday, Kanye addressed the sketches on Twitter.

“Today I learned that a newly hired designer on the Yeezy team presented work that was not of their own,” West wrote on Twitter. “This person has immediately been let go from the Yeezy brand.”

“In a moment of inspiration, energy and excitement I had posted this sketch and would like to acknowledge the true creator of this amazing work, Tony Spackman,” West continued.

Days prior, Kanye West had posted the artful sketches as inspiration for his Yeezy line. “This is where a YEEZY study for base layer starts,” wrote Kanye on Twitter on April 30. “I’m so excited about out new design team. Yeezy is no longer a fashion company we should be referred to as apparel or clothing or simple YEEZY.”

Just hours later, Spackman took to Instagram to address the theft of his 13-year-old designs by Kanye West, who tweeted images ripped right off of Spackman’s website. Someone in West’s camp, who now appears to have been let go from the Yeezy brand, had stolen the sketches and edited out the titles Spackman had given the designs.

kanye west tony spackman

kanye west tony spackman sketches

kanye west steals sketches nike tony spackman

Image via @tonyspackman

kanye west steals sketches nike tony spackman 4

Image via @tonyspackman

kanye west steals sketches nike tony spackman 2

Image via @tonyspackman


  1. Still feel like he just did it to create the stunt/buzz. What kind of working professional for Adidas does something so obviously dumb with their competitor’s content? An actual, reputable designer likely wouldn’t even bother, it’s not like the Yeezy brand is new to the industry to pick up the wrong people.

    But it’s not impossible they picked up a serious sucker.

    1. I really don’t think this is the kinds of publicity any brand wants. It was probably a tired/lazy guy who had a deadline coming up and had to come up with something fast to show to his project manager…How the sketch ended up getting all the way to Kanye is the confusing part.

  2. I like how the dude had to steal pictures of leg anatomy. Can’t he just get that from some medical book?

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