The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 with React Has Landed at Eastbay

For those wanting to try the new React technology, the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 has dropped at Eastbay.

The best part of this silent drop is that the colorways are relatively tame and can easily match team jerseys. Those that are hesitant to try clear outsoles may like that the versions on Eastbay feature solid rubber instead.

If you want more background on the shoe and on the React cushioning, check out our detailed look at the Super.Fly 2017 shoe, as well as our first thoughts on React.

Click HERE to pick up the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 in three colorway options for $140.



  1. Man, I really wish that React was actually something special. That black/white pair looks really good.

    1. i think- after watching lots of youtube reviews of the hyperdunk 2017- the problem seems to be that while the react ‘core’ in the hd2017 is full-length, there isn’t a whole lot of it in the shoe to begin with, the layer of react in the actual shoe is pretty thin….it just makes me wonder why you would put so much marketing into a ‘new’ cushion and a) not find a way to really foreground and showcase it in your new flagship shoe and b) not have it stand out in a way that really differentiates it from other foams that are on the market
      it seems to me that nike are still in the preliminary stages of fine-tuning react and implementing it in the basketball line, when adidas first put full-length boost on the rose 5 people weren’t blown away by it either (though i would still have to say that the rose 5 knit is still one of the best basketball shoes of the last few years)

      1. personally, because it is not an actual “new” cushion but rather more of a placebo marketing strategy by Nike to bring back customers that they lost to Adidas’ Boost technology.

        from the start, I somehow felt that this so-called React Cushion is a rebranded Dual-Density Foam or Podulon Foam Setup. the concept and setup is pretty much closely similar that it’s difficult to ignore from my standpoint. I’m not saying it’s a bad cushion, I’m just saying it’s not actually new and somehow sounds pretty similar to the performance of older foams. it might even be called as something like Adiprene+.

    2. to be honest. that did left a bad taste about the shoe. now I’m back to getting the Harden’s, Wiggins and Jordan Retros. quite disappointed with the performance. awesome looking shoe to be fair. but then, I could always put in my zoom inserts, although I won’t buy these for full retail.

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