Jordan Sportswear Releases the Jordan Jumpman Z in Black/Red

Yes, Jordan Brand now has a Jordan Sportswear division. Its primary focus is lifestyle with a Jordan heritage twist.

The Jordan Jumpman Z is not a performance model. The shoe uses tooling from our beloved Air Jordan 14, but it doesn’t offer the same tech.

This Jordan Sportswear model utilizes a foam midsole, no Zoom Air, and a premium suede build. A zipper enclosure is in place for a unique look. You can wear the shoes zipped up for a snug fit or unzipped for a more laid back approach. Internally there are no laces.

The Black/Red colorway has just become available on with a retail price of $150.

What are your thoughts on the Jordan Jumpman Z now that we know what it is and what it was intended for? Are you feeling the lifestyle approach with premium touches?


Images courtesy of Nike


  1. $150 for strictly lifestyle in this day and age? Nah. I was considering it but I can’t spend that kind of money for no tech at all and likely a hard sole feel.

  2. who in the right mind on Jordan brand would do such stupidity? I admit, the aesthetics are nice but still I wouldn’t wear these if they were that uncomfortable. the Jordan 14’s for me were already stiff and they decide to make these stiffer? for $150, we could only hope for the best that it has a thick PU insole or a soft DD foam cushion. if these are as bad as the Iversons, I’d say these are rubbish. I’m still not completely dismissive of these and could try these in-store. we’ll see.

  3. These are clean but…….. Lifestyle or not why not just include the tech to be extra awesome? You know….. prove you’re the best/elite/special/premium by showing it and not just relying on hype and Jordan nostalgia….. Like you did back in the day. Also if its true that making additional shoe lasts/molds is extremely expensive wouldn’t it have been cheaper (plus better for the customer) to just use the same tooling/last as the Jordan 14? Jordan Brand’s asking a premium price for these. Include the f*cking $3 zoom bags.

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