There is a Jordan Rising High 2

The Jordan Rising High was a decent performance model that didn’t do too well at retail, but there is a Jordan Rising High 2 currently available overseas.

As far as performance is concerned, nothing has really changed between the two versions. These use the same tooling so traction and cushion will be identical to the original. Materials are different, removing the majority of the synthetic leathers and Fuse and replacing them with a mesh upper with Fuse welding in high-wear areas. You can see where synthetic leather has made its way to the shoe at the collar along with the large Jumpman branding.

The Jordan Rising High 2 is currently available overseas, and we’ll keep you updates on when they hit Stateside. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the Jordan Rising High 2 below in the comment section.
There is a Jordan Rising High 2 1 There is a Jordan Rising High 2 2




  1. Great improvement to go mesh-uppers, they might want to go with more in-line/team-colorways because the crazy-colors are what stopped me from getting them in the Rising High 1.

    1. You could look at the rising 1 low I saw them on finish line and the materials are incredible especially on the forefoot

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