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Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review

Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review

Jordan Brand continues to impress with its budget-friendly performance footwear. You all have been asking and now, the Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review is here.

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Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review traction

Man, do I miss herringbone. It’s so simple, elegant, and efficient. Yeah, this sh*t works. It would’ve worked a bit better if Jordan Brand/Nike used better translucent rubber compounds, but any issues the clear sole had — when it came to grip — the pattern made up for. Dust can clog up the grooves of the Jumpman Hustle so if your gym isn’t as clean as you might like it to be then you’ll need to periodically wipe the soles.

A simple setup like this is great for indoors and outdoors so if you play on either type of court you should be good to go. Stanley Tse is currently testing the XDR version of the shoe that is exclusive to the China region so stay tuned for that performance review. If you’re a wide footer and prefer solid rubber then grabbing a pair from overseas may be a great option for you.

Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review cushion

Forefoot Zoom Air is used within a lightweight Phylon midsole to cushion the Jumpman Hustle. I’m pretty sure the forefoot Zoom Air unit is what you’ll find in an Air Jordan 13 and 14 Retro — and like those shoes, the forefoot feels springy underfoot while maintaining a low profile height for court feel.

The Phylon used here should be touted as well. While it’s basic, it feels great. The Jumpman Hustle, while offering minimal cushion on paper, is so damn comfortable. The shoe might look thick and chunky but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review materials

The Jumpman Hustle’s main build is a basic textile bootie. Elastic bands are located at the entry tongue area for ease of access. Nylon lace loops are found under the hood while the overlay is comprised of synthetic vinyl and synthetic patent leather. Yes, the patent finish on patent leather has always been synthetic, but it used to be laid atop actual leather. This setup isn’t that. This is just a thin faux patent material.

While I love the look and feel on-foot, this area could have been beefed up a little. Mainly, at the patent section. It doesn’t contain quite as nicely as I’d like so certain movements allow for a bit of sliding/stretching. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does you’ll feel it and it can be distracting.

Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review fit

The Jordan Jumpman Hustle fits true to size. I do think they’d be wide footer friendly if your foot isn’t extremely wide at the forefoot. If it is then pick up the overseas China pairs that offer a slightly more accommodating fit.

Lockdown is great from a linear standpoint, but as I mentioned above in the material section, the lateral containment could have been a little stronger — especially for a shrouded setup. If your foot sat within the midsole, as it does in the Why Not Zer0.1, then I think this would have been a non-issue. However, in the Jumpman Hustle you sit on top of the midsole from the midfoot to the forefoot so you’re solely relying on the upper to keep you contained.

Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review support

Support in the Jumpman Hustle is adequate. It could be a little better overall but it will work for most. The midfoot has a small internal torsional shank while the base is fairly wide. There is a small internal heel counter that is reinforced by the midsole, which wraps up and cups the heel.

Lateral support from the materials could have been better and will be noticeable by those that strike fast, hard, and heavy upon movements. Someone said these could have been a Why Not Zer0.2 type of shoe, likely due to the use of the shroud, but I don’t think the upper would be strong enough to contain Russ’ movements without added support from the midsole (the way the Why Not Zero.1 is built).

Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review overall

Overall, the Jordan Jumpman Hustle is a wonderful shoe. It’s super comfortable, very lightweight, and has a great look to it (personal opinion, of course). And the shoe won’t break the bank.

Is the Jumpman Hustle perfect? No, but it’ll take care of you on-court. If traction and cushion are your main priorities then you should be happy with this shoe. If you need a lot of support from the upper then you might want to keep looking.

Jordan Jumpman Hustle Performance Review score

  1. The way you described the shroud reminds me of the way I feel about the Kobe icon. I thought those shoes could have been a nice proformer with the VI tooling but the shroud didn’t lock you in at all. I was interested to see if this shoe would be another good Jordan team shoe but I think it’s a pass without great containment. Nice review, Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the review. Love the color blocking and overall execution of these

    I never understood why companies shy away from just using herringbone in favor of storytelling traction. I’m all for companies trying to innovate and improve but sometimes its obvious when something just works better. Especially since you don’t see the traction 99% of the time and its such a critical aspect of performance. It would be extremely niche but I think someone could make a good living running a Company that customizes traction on shoes that f%ck it up. Imagine a Kobe 9 or D Rose 7 traction on the Jordan 31’s.

  3. I remember id4shoes back in the day when I used to frequent eBay. I think I have them on my favorite stores listed on some of my multiple eBay accounts. it’s good reminding me and might be visiting them again soon. Thanks.

  4. Throw a Zoom Air unit in the heel, some elephant print on the toe box and heel and this should have been the 33.

  5. Can you tell us more about the PF/international/wide lasts? If overseas versions are indeed built on wider lasts that would help a LOT of us wide footers… perhaps this could be a post of its own. Thanks!

  6. Speaking of Jordan Brand, I’d love to see a retro performance review on the AJ 28, I’ve always been intrigued by those and I’m thinking about finding a pair on eBay because I can afford them now.

      1. I did, I’m just wondering how the 28’s stack up against today’s tech and if they’re still worth hooping in.

        1. The 28s are still in my regular rotation, I love the cushion (as long as they don’t pop). So are my Soldier 6s. When they’re good, they’re good.

  7. I did, I’m just wondering how the 28’s stack up against today’s tech and if they’re still worth hooping in.

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