Jordan CP3.XI | Detailed Look and First Impressions

The Jordan CP3.XI. Eleven. That number doesn’t seem like much, but when we are talking signature shoes it is a lifetime.

Very few athletes stay relevant long enough for eleven signature shoes, much less still perform, but Chris Paul is still one of the world’s top point guards and seems to be stronger with Houston than any time in the last few seasons. Which brings us to the shoe seen here, the Jordan CP3.XI.

Chris Paul has long been wearing a cut between mid and low, normally called a 5/8 height, for years now, and the XI is no different. Coming just under the ankle bone but still higher than a true low-top, the CP3.XI allows flexibility while still being cut high enough to lock down the heel. The upper is made of the same felt-like synthetic as the Nike Kobe AD Mid, so breathability will probably not be this sneaker’s strong suit.

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 5

Cushioning is provided by heel and forefoot Zoom Air units. On first impression, they are very subdued but can be felt. The midsole foam — actually, the whole cushioning set-up — feels almost like the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 but less stiff.

As the foam breaks in a little more the Zoom should come through and become more noticeable. Traction is herringbone across the forefoot and transitions into a broken bone pattern in the heel. The rubber on this pair is translucent, soft, and the pattern is shallow, so outdoors feels like a no.

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 9

Fit is fairly true to narrow, so wide footers will definitely want to try these on before buying. The strap can be loosened or tightened to the wearer’s liking and it does actually provide some lateral support for cuts and containment.

The Jordan CP3.XI is scheduled to release in April but the brand has not announced a release date yet. This colorway is called “Rocket Fuel” and will retail for $115.

Look for the performance review to drop before release day so you all can make an educated purchase. Stay tuned and let us know what you think down below.

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 1

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 3

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 6

jordan CP3.XI first impressions

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 4

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 5

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 2

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 8

jordan CP3.XI first impressions 10


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  1. I’m excited for these, CP3s line has always been my budget model go to. I just really hope they drop a Jykell/Hyde colorway too, because the rocket fuel colorway is 🔥

  2. Looks like the emphasis right now is on bang for buck and I’m not hating it. Hopefully they perform well too. That would definitely make the 115 even more worth it.

    1. I do agree on the price anything over 130-140 is a little iffy but 120 and under that’s the sweet spot

  3. I’m sure the fit and lockdown will be good on this and I’m glad to hear the strap working so far and I know for a low top CP3s offer a good amount of support. I’m sure the traction will be nice but please Jordan brand put some thicker rubber on the soles is outdoor hoopers need some love too!!

  4. Great photos, the sole-shape didn’t come across in the normal online pics, but they look great like these, best CP3 in years for me.
    Loving that upper-material.

  5. What is the strap material? I hope it’s not a stiff rubber-like material but something more elastic, for comfort’s sake.

  6. This, the Westbrooks, the PGs, and the Kyries are all nice bang-for-your-buck performers. It took them a long time, but Nike is realizing that there is good money to be made in the mid-budget tier. Looking forward to the performance review.

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