Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review

Zoom is back…or is it?

Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review 1Traction – Beastly. Not quite Kobe 9 level, but I didn’t experience any issues on any of the courts I played on. Mind you, I never played in them outside. The rubber is on the softer side so I wouldn’t choose to hoop in the CP3.IX outdoors anyway. Even on dusty courts I never needed to wipe. No idea why, and I won’t complain about it either. The less you worry about your shoes while you’re playing the better. You won’t receive that squeak that a lot of people correlate with good traction – but that doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review 2Cushion – I won’t say that I hate the cushion…but I’m not a fan of it. This is just another shoe that utilizes Zoom Air and you can’t feel it. At least I couldn’t feel it. I loved the setup in the CP3.VIII, and CP3.VII — which both used Zoom Air in some way — but these just fell flat of expectations. I thought that having the Zoom protrude out of the shoe would give you an Air Jordan XX8/ XX9 feeling, but all it did was feel like I had something stuck under my foot the entire time. It had no responsiveness of any kind.

The cushion isn’t bad enough to give it a Benched badge thanks to the foam not being rock hard, but it definitely wasn’t anything to be impressed about. Transition was nice though, I’ll give it that. Smooth and fluid motion so that’s a plus. But if you’re thinking that you’re going to experience something amazing with the cushion, think again.

Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review 3

Materials – When I reviewed the CP3.VIII I wasn’t happy with the materials at all. They were durable, but just not something I personally enjoyed, and definitely nowhere near as nice as what was used on the CP3.VII. Then the CP3.VIII AE dropped and I loved the materials used on those. Same thing applies here with the CP3.IX’s. Materials are just awesome. I don’t know how they can get a foam-backed mesh setup to be so supportive, but they’ve done it and done it well. The upper flexes with the foot and requires little break-in time while remaining supportive enough for movements. If you cant go woven…this is the next best thing.

Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size and the overall lockdown, from heel to forefoot, is excellent. The lace loops are like seat belts. Your laces would usually do most of the heavy lifting as far as keeping you locked into the shoe, but with the CP3.IX you have belts that really harness you onto the footbed. The more you tighten the laces, either by hand or by making a cut or move on-court, the tighter the belts fasten up. Its a really cool feature, but one that comes with it’s fair share of issues.

Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review 5I ran into an issue with the bungee lacing system – that aren’t bungees at all – which caused a lot of discomfort. This might be my foot alone, although wide footers and those with high arches may also run into the issue as well. Basically, there was way too much pressure on top of the foot and it would cut off circulation and pinch some of my nerves. I was hoping it’d get better with every wear, but instead it just got more apparent that these just don’t work with my foot. There is more detail about the lacing system that I will cover in the video version of the review because it’s something that’s easier to show than describe.

In a nutshell, they provide ample lockdown, but there might be discomfort for some. They will receive a Starting 5 badge due to the fact that fit, lockdown and containment are all excellent. Again, the issue with the bungee lacing may affect some but not others. So we’ll leave it as a note or something for you to keep in mind before purchasing.

However, I would highly recommend trying this shoe on before committing to buy. Unless you don’t mind returning online orders if the fit isn’t too desirable once you’ve gotten them in.


Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review 6Support – There are the typical support features on the CP3.IX. Torsional shank bar – it can be seen underneath the shoe – that I originally thought was a FlightSpeed Plate, along with the seat belt bungee lacing. All of which do one hell of a job keeping you secure and in the shoe. There isn’t a giant outrigger or anything, but the midsole does extend past the foot a bit – while remaining low to the ground – so you likely won’t experience any issues. Unless you land on someone’s foot. But you’d be pretty screwed in nearly any shoe if that were to happen. Trust me, I’ve landed on someone’s foot in almost every shoe I’ve ever played in and every time I end up with the same result…pretty damn screwed.

Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review 7Overall – Guards will likely enjoy the shoe, but if you were expecting FlightSpeed type of cushion then you’ll be pretty disappointed. Traction and materials are two of my personal favorite attributes on the CP3.IX, and I would have included their incredible fit/ lockdown in there had those non-bungee bungees stretched a little. No idea why they didn’t just use actual bungees like they did with the AJ10 — that would’ve made much more sense than nylon ribbons. Overall, solid performer with a few flaws. Hopefully they fix these issues for the AE edition, otherwise the CP3 will likely stay out of my rotation completely.

Jordan CP3.IX (9) Performance Review 8


  1. How would your order, as far as cushioning and overall shoe performance: CP3 IX, Zoom Soldier 9 and Super Fly.4 ?

    1. I have the sf4 jacquard and the soldier 9, cushioning is decent on both I wouldn’t say one is better but I prefer the soldier 9 cushioning because it isn’t targeted like the sf4 is with the zoom pods that you can see through the outsoles of the colorways with translucent soles.

      1. How is the upper on the jacquard sf4 I’m just wondering cause I might get them but I was wondering if the upper was like the 29s

        1. I would describe it like a poor man’s XX9, not as thick or plush but similar, an all knit upper. I felt like my foot was a little more secure in the SF4, the heel counter helps and the weave is thinner but also tighter and stretchier if that makes any sense. Cushioning in the XX9 is much better and quality of materials is also superior, but the fit on the SF4 JCRD is a little better to me.

    2. The Zoom is pretty much the same, I felt it a little more in the SF4 but maybe that was just a coincidence. Fit is pretty good in both, maybe slightly better lockdown with the CP3 but more support with the SF4. Overall I thought both were just meh, the SF4 in particular disappointed me because the first three were good performers. I am not a big fan of the CP3 line since it went low (or 3/8s), only dug the 7s.

  2. Dang, this shoe was looking very promising upon initial quick looks. This shoe would be a fav of mine had the cushion been on any shoe with unlocked zooms level.

        1. Those are drop in Lunarlon midsoles, they wouldn’t fit into a shoe that isn’t designed to take one. Plus raising your foot in the CP3.9 would be a pretty awful experience due to the lacing system.

  3. SF4 is slightly less responsive then then 3. I actually like my CP3 VIII AE better with the zoom lunarlon setup. You can definitely feel the zoom in the soldier and they are ridiculously supportive. These new 9s were bottoming out from me just jumping in the store trying them on. I was set to buy too but I didn’t need to play or see the review to know that at least cushioning wise, these are a step down. Reminded me slightly of the recent Jwalls as shoes I would love but just not enough cushioning. At least for me.

  4. When I just posted comment for YouTube the comments were removed lol, so was saying dont like cp3 or jordan but from tech performance wouldn’t you be able to correct top bungee by lightly tieing? But can understand decision for down grade based on that cushion..

    1. The top bungee didn’t stretch, so the tightness from it was just from wearing the shoe and not even from tying them. Had I tied them tightly in that section then I’d have been more screwed than I already was.

  5. weird, reviews here in hong kong said the opposite about the cushion, said it was very noticeable and very responsive, oh well….the cushion issue doesn’t bother me anywhere near as much as the bungee one, this was a dead certainty for me this year, but now i have to try them on and think hard about purchasing them

    1. Cushion depended on the particular model I presume. I have the Hornets CW and the forefoot zoom felt slightly more pro-nounced, but not as pro-nonounced as you would feel on a SF4 or a Hyperdunk 2011. But the Non-bungee experience does cause minor hindrance especially if you have wide-foot or not, the pushing on the top midfoot is kind of a disturbance for long wears. But overall the shoe performs to its needs.

  6. Color me disappointed. These seemed promising initially, but I’ll pass with the quickness. I’ll just scoop up some more M11s on sale at NDC.

  7. I have a theory. I think Nike makes the zoom not as responsive anymore so it’s more noticeable when you wear a more expensive signature model such as a Lebron, Kobe, or signature Jordan. I could be way off but it’s just a thought.

    1. Not alone when it comes to that, people been saying that too.
      Even, to get decent a response of Zoom, you have to look at those signatures.
      Downside is the price.
      However, there is the Soldier IX which is a responsive forefoot/heel setup as NightWing reviewed.
      A responsive setup which is a rare in the brand’s lineup.

  8. Great and objective review. Disappointed by the cushioning, however… Just one question, Nightwing. What does “real” zoom air feel like? I never experienced it ever. I’ve experienced boost, Jetlon (J. Crossover 2), and Lunarlon only.

  9. 90% of kickgenius reviews after the Jordan 29 be like:
    Traction: It’s good but not as good as the Jordan 29
    Cushion: It feels good but it’s not as nice as the Jordan 29
    Fit: If you wear a ten, just get a ten. But it still doesn’t fit as well as the Jordan 29
    Support: Offers good ankle support but not as good as the Jordan 29
    Materials: Every shoe has good material that flexes well but it isn’t great because it isn’t like the Jordan 29
    Conclusion: It’s a good shoe but we can’t give it the stamp of approval because it doesn’t feel like the Jordan 29

    You guys are the best reviewers out there.

  10. Hi nightwing I have a question in regards to the outsole rubber. Considering the ones you played in were glow in the dark, I would like to ask if you think the ones with a full transluscent outsole rubber or the ones with a full solid rubber would help or worsen the way the traction performs. And some confirmation on if the outsole rubber on the ones you played in are semi transluscent since they dont look transluscent and dont look solid either. Hope you reply.

  11. Anyone know if cutting of the web lacing under the shoelaces will affect the performance of this shoes? I have flat feet and used to wear 9.5 for AF, so i got a pair of 10 for CP3 IX, the the web lacing has no elasticity and hurt my feet a lot. I can get any bigger or the shoes will be too long for me (now already 3cm between my toe and the tip of the shoes)

  12. if i’m a guard looking for good directional change and nice jumps (springy cushion) should i get kyries or these?

    please respond nightwing :>

  13. What would you say about the traction and cushioning compare to Kyrie 1?
    Also, would you recomend the same size as kyrie 1?what about sizing compared to curry 2?

  14. Sir NW I’m planning to buy these for casual and for some outdoor balling use is the zoom used here is crappy like th Soldier 8’s my legs are hurting after wearing them at school

  15. hey guys i need help… im a guard and im looking for a shoe that would fit for quick guys im thinking of Jordan 29 and CP3 9 and Rose 6 they are all really good for me but i dont know which to pick any tips on what should i get???

  16. Is it ok if I cut the bungee of the shoe. I wear Eu 45 and bought Eu 45. It doesn’t stretch. Will it affect my shoe if I cut? Pls reply thanks

  17. Review is spot on. I’ve been wearing these for the past few months now and whilst the traction initially made me fall in love with them; the lack of cushion and the “bungees” (which I can only guess are inspired by the ancient Chinese tradition of footbinding) are seriously making me consider getting something a little more rounded. Got my eye on the KD9s but yet another shoe north of £100 ($130) – in less than sixth months… I’m shedding tears either way!

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