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John Wall’s Third Signature Might Feature Boost

While the adidas J Wall 2 just dropped the J Wall 3 looks like it may have leaked onto the interwebs.

I’m not sure where this image originated, but it shows a pair of adidas with the J Wall logo on the tongue. Are they the J Wall 3? I couldn’t tell you. They don’t look like a basketball shoe to me, so for all I know he may be getting a lifestyle model with his branding on the tongue. What I do know is that these shoes feature Boost cushion, implemented in full length fashion, and it’s caged to retain stability.

Feel free to check out the images of the unknown adidas model below, and speculate what they could be in the comment section.
John Wall's Third Signature Might Feature Boost 1 John Wall's Third Signature Might Feature Boost 2 John Wall's Third Signature Might Feature Boost 3

  1. These better be for basketball cuz they look ass look like a wrestling or motor cross boot please no lifestyle Adidas I might cop these if they a ball shoe that boost

  2. Looks like what the hyperdunk 2015 should have been. With all the profits Nike makes I wonder why they never have come out with a competitor to Boost. I remember when Nike came out with flyknit it wasnt a month until Adidas dropped primeknit.

    1. It did take adidas like 3 years for them to come out with boost to compete with lunarlon. Not try to bash the brand because I love adidas just try to say that it takes time to develop new technology.

  3. The silhouette of these shoes seems similar, like the Hyperrevs.. One thing that looks disturbing is the amount of support it has on the back.

  4. Hi Nightwing. Do you see Adidas tweeking the Crazy Quick line with the Puremotion midsole completely made out of boost? Maybe for a JH signature? If that happens i would be super hype about it. Thanks NW

    1. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what shoe these reminded me of. Thank you. LOL! That’s it. The original Hyper Rev. I’m not saying that they are copying or anything like that. There was just something about this shoe that made me think of the Hyper Rev but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

  5. They look like a revisited KOBE eqt, they look like a star war shoe but I would rather hoop in this than the LBJ 13

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