James Harden’s adidas Harden Vol 3 Release Date is Official

After a summer full of leaks, James Harden’s next signature basketball shoe, the Harden Vol 3, finally has an official release date.

Equipped with full-length Boost cushioning, the Harden Vol. 3 rides atop full-length multi-directional herringbone traction that will be solid rubber on some colorways and translucent on others. A broad elastic band should help secure the forefoot while the high heel matches adidas’ latest design language. The upper appears to be a mix of mesh and knit with a traditional tongue.

The adidas Harden Vol 3 will release on October 15 in several colorways, according to Eastbay. The shoe has also gotten a price increase; it will retail for $160 instead of $140 like the Harden Vol 2. We’ll know more about the shoe once adidas officially unveils it.

For now, let us know what you think about the price hike and whether or not you’re excited to see how adidas follows the Harden Vol 2.

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Images via US11 / adidas


  1. Whoa! Someone at adidas is delusional! Just from what I can see, there is nothing on this shoe to justify the price increase. Nothing too different from the Vol. 2, yet they want to charge $20 more! Just like the Rose 9. They took away Boost and PK, and still priced it at $140. Adidas needs to stop focusing so much on price hikes, and focus more on getting their sizing correct!

  2. I own 2 pairs of the V2’s, my current favorite shoe to ball in. I’m a bargain shopper, I paid ~$70 for my first pair, ~$58 for the second pair. I like the way these V3’s look, and will definitely cop a pair, once they go on sale.

    This new price point is insane, considering how fast some of us wear out shoes while playing.

    To me, it’s foolish to spend MSRP, if you have a bit of patience, they’ll go on sale(certain colorways) and you’ll get them for half the price.

  3. I own two pairs of the Vol 2 and they were/are also my favorite shoes to play in. Much superior to Jordan 32’s or any of the LBJ’s. The Kobe Protro is close, but the Vol 2 is just a tad superior.

    Love the direct the look is taking in these.

  4. Just wait for the Dame’s. One of the cheaper Adidas models every year but always outshines every other shoe released by Adidas.

  5. How ugly can these get??? They have three stripes on the lateral side and then 2 inches away theres the adidas logo on the heel. The upper looks disgusting. The band on the forefoot looks like a kyrie 3 esque idea.

  6. They look a little ‘takedown-y’ to me, more Alive LT/Big Fundamental Low, than Vol 1/2, or even CrazyLight Boost Low’s.

    The one thing I absolutely need adidas to do, is to separate the letters from the branding(you can put the ‘pyramid'(upright, and if you do, you don’t need the stripes right next to them), or the letters on the back, but both is just awful).

  7. I agree, they do look like a knock down model or “budget” model. But adidas up the price? lol.

    Like most adidas basketball shoes you just have to be patient and the price will drop dramatically. The vol 2 at one point on adidas.com could be had for $60 or so. And that was most colors and almost a full size run on them all.

    Unless there is a really good color way or a special collaboration, I’ll just wait for the price drop around this time next year.

  8. These are dope! If I get them, I’ll look for a promo code or wait for them to go on sale to cop. But that traction looks beastly compared to the vol 2 which has me excited to hear the review on it

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