James Harden and adidas Introduce the Harden Vol 3

The Harden Vol 3 is adidas Basketball’s latest sneaker for James Harden, the NBA’s reigning Most Valuable Player.

The Harden Vol 3 puts a focus on stability and traction and it is designed to help Harden “slow down fast.” For traction, the shoe features full-length herringbone with support placed at the high-wear zones that help most with traction.

“This shoe means a lot to me. Our challenge is to come back and [get] better every year, and I really think we’ve been doing that,” said James Harden in a statement. “When I’m out on the court making moves, making guys fall or I’m changing direction…that’s all in the shoe. If we weren’t thinking about that stop-and-go mindset when we we’re creating these shoes, those moves just wouldn’t work. So, shout out to adidas for making sure that each shoe is always on point.”

adidas harden vol 3 voyager

The Harden Vol 3 sports a lace band across the upper that adidas says will deliver customized lockdown. Cushioning is taken care of by a full-length Boost midsole, the same system used in Harden’s past signature shoes. The usual TPU support plate will also return in the Vol 3.

“Slow down fast doesn’t make sense, but my game doesn’t make sense. I don’t think you’ve ever seen anyone play this way,” said Harden in a statement. “If you combine all my moves, you probably won’t ever see that [style] again but that’s what I bring to the table and that’s where we get that phrase from. Every year I try to figure out a way to create an advantage and creating space is, I think, one of the biggest parts of the game of basketball.”

james harden adidas harden vol 3

Interestingly, the Harden Vol 3’s price will depend on the colorway. The debut ‘Voyager’ colorway, which honors Harden’s goal of bringing a championship to Houston, will retail for $140 (the same price as the Harden Vol 2) but the black Boost-equipped ‘Cosmos’ colorway will get a $20 price hike to $160. Materials may have something to do with it — we all know adidas loves to use different materials for different colorways of the same shoe — but there is no official explanation at press time.

James Harden’s adidas Harden Vol 3 ‘Voyager’ will debut on October 12 at adidas.com and select retailers while the ‘Cosmos’ will drop on October 15.

Let us know what you think about the Harden Vol 3 now that it is official. Will this be your next go-to hoop sneaker?

adidas Harden Vol 3 ‘Voyager’ (October 12)

adidas harden vol 3 james harden

adidas harden vol 3 voyager on foot

adidas harden vol 3 voyager

adidas harden vol 3 traction

adidas harden vol 3 voyager james harden

adidas Harden Vol 3 ‘cosmos’ (October 15)

adidas harden vol 3 cosmos on foot

adidas harden vol 3 cosmos

adidas harden vol 3 cosmos


Source: adidas


  1. I dont see the evolution from the one and the two, these look more like a takedown model with boost because of how plain i think they look and the silhouette reminds me more of a training shoe…they aren’t ugly just underwhelming compared to the first two models, but thats just my take.

  2. Not really feeling these. With that said I HATED the VOL2 when I first saw them and they really grew on me (I think I have 5 pair now SMH. Dang you to heck crazy sales) so who knows what my future opinion will be.

    Adidas sometimes charges more on their website for different colorways. Thankfully places like Eastbay usually keep the prices the same.

  3. These seem like the boost version of the Harden B/E (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). The uppers are a similiar shape and would look somewhat alike if you take out the band. The torsion plate is similiar, and the thin boost means that you likely won’t feel it that much (like the Vol. 1), so that may feel like the bounce on the B/E. The traction may play a lot alike as well, with both having lines that are very close together.

  4. I really liked how wide the harden 2’s were. Seems like these are much narrower with no outrigger compared to the 2.

  5. I may be the only person on here that likes these but that cosmos colourway is 🔥🔥🔥. They look like a performer

  6. For some reason adidas.com charged 10$ more for black boost, but eastbay did not. I’d imagine the 20$ mark up is for primeknit?

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