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Is This the ANTA KT3 ?


Rumor has it that this is the upcoming ANTA KT3.

We can neither confirm nor deny that this is the ANTA KT3, but we can all speculate, respectively, within the comment section.

What we can see is that these feature the “KT 11” logo on the tongue and look to feature a more intricate knitted upper than what is found on the ANTA KT Light. The tooling looks interesting and there is no word on what the cushion system will be. If they choose to stick with the ANTA EVE cushion from the KT2 then I know I wouldn’t be mad about it. It also looks as if the ankle collar is a strap system but the images are blurry so take that with a grain of salt.

Again, there is no official word if these are in fact the KT3 by ANTA. It would easily be another team model for Klay, but once we find out more solid information we’ll be sure to update you. In the meantime, let us know what you think about them so far below in the comment section.


Via HUPU/@shuanghuoweiyan/Philematology

  1. uh…these look like they’ll perform pretty decently, hopefully that knit doesn’t have loads of fuse behind it, that engraved signature on the heel plate is a pretty nice touch too

  2. It looks like.. If the KD9 and Curry 2 had a baby.. This would be it.. LOL.. Looks badass to me 😀

    I’m a bit confused with the sole tho.. on that medial area.. It looks like there’s an extended rubber on there.. Not sure what it’s for.. Maybe when Klay decides he wants to be a little Draymond and start kicking people.. LOL

  3. The white and blue picture makes them look like jordan 28s silouette wise. Slim high cut and separated forefoot/heel. The first 2 KTs looked decent but more like a budget model. Theyre pushing the creativeness/design more with these

  4. That thing in the midsole, maybe it is like a spring, very pliable, so it allows Klay to spring forward better?

  5. I’m really curious about how that spring-thingy is gonna work and obviously that’s what they are going for. They already got attention right?

  6. They certainly seem ambitious. It looks like theres something crazy going on in the outsole. Are they decoupled? If this translates into something unique and innovative in the performance department, and is not just for looks, then good for Anta.

  7. Damn hot… The white blue kt3 has similarities with the crazy explosive 2017… Anta kt3 is keeping up with the times especially with the materials they’re using for the uppers

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