An Inside Look at Jordan Brand’s Studio 23

WearTesters is bringing you inside Jordan Brand’s Studio 23 space in Little Tokyo for NBA All-Star 2018.

A valid student ID and an invite will gain you access to one of the coolest installations going on during All-Star Weekend.

Along with diving deep into its heritage, Jordan Brand is offering select footwear styles for purchase for those able to enter the space. Apparel options are plentiful, and to top it off there is a creators workshop where you can customize that apparel to make it your own. Whether you’d like to add some patches to your gear or turn your hoodie into a dress, they’ve got you covered.

Don C is also hosting his own creative space within Studio 23 where you can purchase and customize your very own fanny pack. Yes, fanny packs are back — long live the ’80s and ’90s.

We hope you enjoy our inside look at the Studio 23 space. If you’re in the Los Angeles area we recommend checking it out — we’ve heard plenty of Jordan Brand athletes have been checking in as well.

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  1. LOL! “A student ID”…..will get you in. College kids don’t have any money. Those of us that have long since retired our student IDs do. Jordan brand needs to stop freaking the funk and get with the real.

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