Huge SNS Clearance Sale — $30 and $50 Steals

Swedish boutique Sneakersnstuff is having one of its clearance sales but this one is better than any of its recent ones. We are talking about $30 and $50 STEALS — shoes 60-80% off! This is the biggest and cheapest sale I’ve seen SNS do; it almost looks like its trying to get rid of the whole inventory…

Puma Blaze of Glory’s for $30, premium Brooks collabs for $30, premium made in Italy Diadoras for $50, Quickstrike AF1s for $50, re-engineered New Balances for $50, $30 and $50 Sauconys, Ewings for $50, premium Reebok collabs for $30 and $50, even a few K1X offerings for $50! There is a steal for everyone in this sale! I picked up four pairs I’ve really wanted to cop for just $130 shipped!

To browse the sale click here or on the image below. Let me know what you cop down in the comments.

sneakersnstuff clearance sale 1



  1. They have some sick deals. They’ve also got ESM boost for 50. I paid retail for those at 150. This is a really good sale. Good find by Noah.

    1. How to the ESM Boosts fit size wise? Do they run a little small? I was thinking of buying a pair, but I thought I read they run small, if so, I can’t get them as they don’t have any larger sizes left. They do still have my true to size though.

      Can anyone give me an opinion please? Also, where would I go online to check the sizing on older shoes from the past couple of years that aren’t the newest models?

      1. Not sure of your Boost runners experience, but they are a little longer than the Energy 2 but not quite Ultras. I would go up a half size but I like about a thumb width at the end of my big toe.

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