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Here’s a Detailed Look at the adidas D Rose Englewood Boost

adidas continues to kill it with top tier performance sneakers. The adidas D Rose Englewood Boost is definitely no exception.

Seen below is the newest team model from adidas under the D Rose line. While these are currently unavailable to US residents, the adidas D Rose Englewood Boost looks like a solid option for those who can obtain it. The shoe features a mesh upper with some synthetic overlays where structure and support are needed. A midfoot strap made of synthetics comes across the foot for some additional lockdown as well. Underneath your foot, you have the same midsole and outsole set up as the adidas D Rose 5. Full length Boost and some great traction couldn’t have been more enticing.

The adidas D Rose Englewood Boost is now available on the adidas’ German site, and you can try to grab your pair with the links below. Stay tuned for more information regarding a US release. These look to be a solid performer, but we’ll have to wait and see if WearTesters can get our hands on a pair so we can give you a performance review.

Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts and opinions on the newest adidas D Rose team model!

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  1. Assuming the conversion value sticks, I have a hard time seeing who’d want this over the CL2016. This is where Adidas’ competitive pricing has a disadvantage — it’s harder to create different price points in their catalog. At least in the US, the CL2016 could be another 1-3 hours of work’s difference. The Lillard 2 is probably no difference. The Rose 7 is maybe another work week tops.

    I’m not saying this is gonna be a horrible shoe, but it seems hard to market given Rose’s current popularity to start. I don’t think anyone ever talks about the Englewood or Edgewood. As it is, I’m wondering if the 773 and Dominate should really co-exist.

      1. The traction will wear down pretty fast outdoors unless they made the rubbed harder than on the D Rose 5. I have a pair of fives I’ve used outdoor, and the little nubs on the traction get shredded off pretty fast.

    1. On German Adidas site they state the outsole is durable. So this is ment to be a low-top d rose 5 for outdoor use. And its actually the first full length boost shoe for outdoor use. The CL Boost 2016 can have continental rubber as much as they want, I’m pretty sure the rubber burns down fast outdoors. And the materials on the upper here look more durable as well.

  2. I saw these on the Adidas UK site earlier too. I wish that some models that for some reason don’t make it to the US could be made available here even for a little to test the market. I’ve found the Englewood series more attractive that the 773. I always see them end up on eBay so if these become available there for a reasonable price then I’d consider it because I like the style but Ventruck is right in terms of how pricing can be tricky with these kinds of models.

    1. the funny thing about UK stocking is that they have these supposed models on their websites, but in-store stock is non-existent. I have always have difficulty finding me a pair. you get better chances of getting the shoes in neighboring France.

  3. It’s basically a D Rose 5 low, not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. It kinda has a T-Mac 5 vibe to it TBH and it looks dope

    1. Agreed. It’s like T-Mac shoe with upgraded tech or D-Rose 5 traction and cushion with a T-Mac Look. Either way of looking at it, though re-using designs, it’s good combination of aesthetics and performance.

  4. Adidas UK has these retailing for around £90 that’s around $130 for a cheap shoe with a decent amount of boost i think that’s pretty good. I might pick these up. I’ll give them a go.

  5. They are in Poland and have same price as lillards2 so its starting to be interesting now NIKE your move ADIDAS is comming

    1. I really wouldn’t mind seeing them here in the states. They could be a good mix between a trainer and ball shoe.

  6. I tried these on in a store. I was exciting when I saw them, because I felt the outsole and its pretty hard; I can say it would be good outdoors, which is a first for a boost shoe. I just kind of walked around in them, and while the boost was nice in the back, the forefoot felt hard and didn’t compress that much, which I think was the main complaint with the DRose 5. Disappointing. This isn’t a performance review, mind you. Its only a “store walk-around” review.

    If you liked the cushioning setup of the 5, and want an outdoor-worthy lowtop, then you’ll like this. I’m personally gonna wait for the Crazylight 2016. The rubber might not be as durable, but Continental is ok in that department, and the boost will be utilized better for sure.

  7. Does anyone have any updates on this regarding a US release? I tried ordering from the UK, Den, and Philippines Adidas site but they don’t ship internationally.

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