Grant Hill Signs Lifetime Deal with Fila, Retro Line Coming Soon

NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill has signed a lifetime deal with his old sportswear company Fila in an effort to retro his historic basketball sneakers.

According to Fila, the new lifetime deal will bring Hill’s ’90s sneakers back as retro releases beginning next month. Of course, with Fila rebuilding several ’90s models in knit, expect the same with Hill’s old signatures.

“Fila was there for my first professional steps on the court,” Hill said in a statement. “We have now come full circle and I am thrilled to be a part of the family once again.”

Perhaps Grant Hill’s most iconic sneaker, the GH 2 — which is now known as the Fila 96 — was famously worn by rapper 2Pac in the ’90s. Designed by Brandblack founder and Big Baller Brand designer David Raysse, the shoe was wildly lucrative for Fila (it sold $135 million for the line, according to ESPN, an enormous 10% of the company’s overall footwear sales) and has been a staple in Fila’s retro business thanks to its true-to-original build and supreme comfort.

grant hill fila logo

“FILA is proud to have been a part of Grant’s history, partnering with him when he was drafted into the league,” said Jon Epstein, President at FILA North America, in a statement. “Grant was a tough yet graceful competitor. He possesses a strong work ethic and has demonstrated resilience and perseverance. Grant truly embodies the spirit of FILA, a brand that is synonymous with game-changers in sport and beyond. We look forward to Grant being an integral part of our move forward strategy in basketball.”

Expect more from Fila and Grant Hill at ComplexCon in November, where a new line of products will be announced. We’ll keep you updated as releases approach.

grant hill 1996 sam forencich

SEATTLE – 1996: Grant Hill #33 of the Detroit Pistons drives circa 1996 at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images)

grant hill fila lifetime deal

Image courtesy of Fila


Source: FILA


  1. Great news! The first two Grant Hill shoes were just iconic! I had the 1’s. Will definitely buy them again as well as the 2’s. Classic mid 90s kicks.

  2. How will fila bounce back, when they started slumping in business in the later 90s?? The signature sneakers were ok, they weren’t/aren’t as popular to Air Jordans, Adidas these days. To bounce back in the sneaker game will be very challenging. Will see what fila will do, and if they bounce back.

  3. “We look forward to Grant being an integral part of our move forward strategy in basketball.”
    So Puma’s back, and1 is (or will soon be) back. Then Fila will try their luck again in basketball? Great time to be a 90’s kid. Still hope that there are Fila CWebb’s in the list though

  4. Yessss!

    I bought the retro Fila 97s. (aka GHill 3s) those were my favourite… Can’t wait for this line to come out. Especially if they decide to update some.of the materials.

  5. What a time. To be alive.
    – Shoes being retro-ed A N D protro-ed
    – HOFers bringing the nostalgia back, signing deals here and there

    and FILA is also creeping up on the streetwear scene. Kudos to them

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