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GQ Finds Out What Women Think of Men Wearing Retro Basketball Sneakers


GQ surveyed 300 women to to find out what the “sexiest” sneakers men can wear and they broke it all down into individual categories.

When it came to the category of “which retro basketball sneaker she wants you to wear,” the Converse Fastbreak Mids came out on top with 35% of the vote. The Air Jordan 6 finished second with a quarter of the votes.

Despite their affinity for the Converse classic, the women who were surveyed weren’t fond of retro basketball sneakers explaining that, “Unless you are physically playing basketball they shouldn’t be worn. They look awful.”

The whole article is quite a fun read and hearing the ladies’ thoughts on Jordans, Yeezys, and other popular silhouettes is very entertaining.

We highly recommend you check out the full article at GQ.com and don’t forget to come back here to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Thanks for the link, the read was entertaining… and yes we only talking about shoes that were made to be worn. ^_^
    Nice silhouettes for the Fast Break and J 6 but I think other model can be good as well, like Penny 2, Nike Glove with the shroud, etc… At the end it all comes down to the wearer being at ease and doing him instead of rocking sneakers he saw were trendy.

  2. Interesting and entertaining article. I will continue to wear my Air Max Webbers without a care in the world because I like them, though.

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