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Get an Official Look at the Upcoming adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016

Other than the Nike KD 9, adidas has the sneakers that we’re most interested in wear-testing.

Boost is back, and there is much more of it this time around. The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 looks to ramp things up to another level compared to last year’s model. These feature full length Boost, a TPU lateral stability cage, crazy looking traction, and a Jacquard upper. If you’re not drooling then there is something seriously wrong with you.

According to Sole Collector, the adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is due out in stores come July — which is a fairly long wait with all the teases we’ve been seeing. Hopefully the next 1 1/2 months go by rather quickly as we can’t wait to play in these.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the upcoming adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 below in the comment section and stay tuned for more on the CL Boost 2016 here on WearTesters.

Get an Official Look at the Upcoming adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 1

Get an Official Look at the Upcoming adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 2

Get an Official Look at the Upcoming adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 3

Get an Official Look at the Upcoming adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 4

Get an Official Look at the Upcoming adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 5

  1. Pretty! Looks like it might be in the running for best low top ever if everything performs as well as it looks.

  2. These still look great, but my only concern is that its really low, especially after you look under that heel neoprene “bill”. Lockdown could be an issue is the shoe doesn’t fit exactly right. A mid would be great, but maybe this has great fit lockdown so the low thing might not be a problem.

    I like how its only caged on the outer lateral side which takes more impact, but is open on the inner lateral so the boost can compress on the ball of your foot. That cage should stabilize the boost enough, but also contain the foot on lateral movements. Reminds me of the nice midsole that covered that area on the Kobe 1s.

    1. It’s lateral (outside) and medial (inside), not outer and inner lateral. What your saying is actually the inner and outer forefoot.

  3. Adidas has REALLY raised their game these past couple years. I remember wanting to like them but the shoes simply hurt my feet. For a long time they didn’t offer what I need (Cushion, Comfort) but now they have the best cushion (Boost. Bounce is nice also) and some of the most comfortable materials (Jacquard Upper, Primeknit, etc…) and they are doing it for a reasonable price (Ultra Boost is a bit much. Worth it though). I think I like the looks of the 2015’s more but I’m really looking forward to these. Full length boost. No stability strap to destroy my ankle unless I wear heavy duty socks. I’m sold. Adidas. Take. My. Money.

  4. The more that I see them is the more that I like them. If there was one thing that I’d change, it would be to make that lateral support solid instead of translucent. Even still, Adidas can take my money.

  5. Even though I am not comfortable playing in low sneakers, I would definitely buy this, more for casual wear, these look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yo! This is what I’m talkin’ about! It’s refreshing to see a brand just go with straight performance. No stupid storytelling or wtf style decisions here *cough* Nike *cough cough*. This is the best of adidas and what they’re capable of all out in one shoe. The same goes for all the other leaked models we’ve seen. You can get the best of what adidas has to offer in a variety of collar heights, upper materials, you name it. With Nike you never know if you’ll get a nice soft mesh, or a glue plastered hyper fuse. You never know if you’ll get soft responsive zoom, or rock hard nothingness. Traction is never consistent, the pattern always has to be reinvented for design purposes. Adidas has my dollar come the release of these guys. I’m in.

  7. The shoes look awesome, not sure the outrigger would work for me though(because it looks massive).

  8. I was honestly waiting for a Harden sig ever since he signed up with adidas. I felt that THAT would be a low top shoe with a fair amount of boost that’ll look decent enough off-courts as well. This shoe sums it all up. I HOPE.

  9. These remind me of the d lillards. Not to big of a fan of boost tho, to soft and actually hurt my feet. Not sure why. Maybe the d rose 6 were to bulky. I’m anxious to see how these feel tho.

  10. This upcoming catalog really seems like a pick your poison ordeal. CL’s for lows, Explosives as highs, Rose’s as a possibly more open and lighter pair, and Lillard’s as proven continuations (since the 3 is likely to appear in 2017 yet),

    As a non-collector, I annoyingly got more shoes than I can make use of….yet I want like, all of this.

    1. Lol! I completely understand that problem. I eventually got rid of a bunch on eBay because I found the ones that I really loved and just decided to keep those. The best fit, comfort, look combos were definitely kept.

  11. I like how Adidas use the best tech yet keeping their price lower than the competiton on their shoes. The design on this reiteration is dope somewhat alien like. It looks like adidas is also using flywire like tech on its lacing system to keep the foot secure. Keep it up Adidas.

  12. Adidas is becoming my favorite brand. I love the look of this shoe an love the full length boost! Definitely going to hoop in these.

  13. Dear adidas,

    Good work adiguys and adigals 🙂

    miRecommendations; Please make a mid version of this shoe from here on out. Some of us are old school and prefer mids for playing basketball. Geo-Fit or DRose6 puffy collar fit and/or all of the above, especially considering your new standard of multiple fabrique’ overlays on basketball shoes.

    adibasketball since 94.

  14. A little deviation from the previous design but it does look necessary. The traction depends on the material and not just pattern and the heel really does look low… But that’s alot of boost. Looks very promising either way

  15. These look really good but where is Harden signature shoe? Going into year 2 without any info and Curry going to release his 3rd shoe. Also, Damian starting to become the face of Adidas basketball

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