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After straight killing the Curry 1, Under Armour could have sat back and waited on the Curry 2 to give us more of what we crave. But like all great signature shoes, a low top was needed, and a low is what we got. Can it hold up to the mid? Or is it an unneeded addition to a new line? You know how we do…

curry low 1

First up, I have to give credit, AGAIN, to Under Armour, for having the foresight to sign an athlete of Steph’s character. Coming off ankle injuries and missed games, it was a gamble to go big with him as your headliner, but I would say so far the gamble has paid well. Steph also took a HUGE gamble, going from King Swoosh to UA, but he has known what we at Weartesters have known for a while – Nike makes great performers, but so do other brands. Give them a shot. Anyway, enough wallowing, let’s roll…

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MATERIALS As we saw in  MOST of the mid colorways, we get Anafoam in the upper. I won’t get too deep, because the review of the mids covers most of the facts covers most of the facts, but Anafoam is a foam backed mesh that forms to your foot as it gets heated. Not saran wrap, but gets comfy. Charged foam in the midsole for cushioning and some fuse touches around high stress areas. Same as the mids.

curry low 5

FIT – Welcome to our first area of change. But change is good. My only other pair of Curry’s are the Dark Matter version, and while they did fit TTS, I will say there was a little dead space in the forefoot. I had heard the MVP’s had changed the fit and were closer to 1:1 than previous versions, but we all know how that release went down. I could tell, on first lace up, that the Low’s fit snugger in the forefoot and midfoot, and the toe box was shallower, really giving the wearer a secure lockdown. I have read some going half size up – I wouldn’t. Length is perfect, and when I tried on a half up the toe flexed in a weird way, popping as it bent. TTS broke in around an hour after wearing them casually and since then no problems. Midfoot is dead on, with the shank plate providing just enough arch support to let you know it’s there without being painful. Heel fit is a problem for playing if you don’t lace tight,  as most low tops are. But just give a little pull and the heel cup locks you in. I still experienced a slight slipping but nothing that made me think I was going to lose a shoe or roll an ankle.

curry low 4

CUSHIONING – The second change in the shoe. You still get Charged Foam, and it is still a little dead feeling compared to Micro G, but instead of the orange Micro G insole, we are given an OrthoLite open-cell insole. On step-in comfort, the Ortho is great, but it will break down quicker than the Micro G. Also, especially in the forefoot, there was a more pronounced bounceback when playing. Whether the formula for the Charged was changed or there was more of it, I don’t know. All I know is, compared to the mids, the lows felt springy and responsive. Heel impact was the same as the mids, with no pain at ALL from off landings or heel slaps.


curry low 2

TRACTION – Same as the mids. And the Clutchfit Drive.


curry low 6

Support/Stability – For a low, VERY stable. The heel cup/counter comes up just high enough to keep you locked in but still allows the range of motion for a low. The cup runs down in to the midfoot tying the support in and taking away any slappy feeling that Under Armour used to be known for in hoops shoes (Black Ice and Bloodline especially). This is the closest to a running shoe UA has put out for basketball, something I love. Also, the wide base in the heel helps keep your ankle upright and the general density of the Charged foam doesn’t compress easily so the threat rolling over is lessened. The forefoot had a large outrigger, but it is set back to under the midfoot up to the pinky toe, not past. Some brands place the outrigger farther forward, making toe-off drag and affecting reaction. By placing it where the Curry does it doesn’t affect the foot flex and really only comes into play when needed. Under the arch, we go back to the large arch support – a TPU bridge that gives the right amount of support without pushing your foot too far up or forward, which lead to foot cramping and fatigue.

OVERALL – A great addition to the young Curry line. If you liked the mids, you will like the lows. If you like the Kobe VI or IX, you will love the Curry. If you like great cushioning, fit, good traction and transition, you will love the Curry Low. It’s really simple – if you like a great performing low top basketball shoe, you will love the Curry Low. They are EXTREMELY hard to get right now, selling out across the companies like some guy from Chicago played in them. Think about that – two years ago, an Under Armour shoe selling out was ridiculous. Now, you can’t find even the worst colorways of the Curry on shelves. We hear you, Under Armour. No more hiding the goods.

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  1. I had to go a half size up since I’m right around 13.5 and it doesn’t come that way. The Dark Matter I could get away with 13s but these were just too snug. The 14s are looser yes, and the toe does bend oddly, but I’m glad I went with them. No more besides the two first released though. Not feeling the orange and the gray looks too plain. The camps weren’t colors I cared about either.

      1. Outdoors

        What do you think about the D Lillard 2 for outdoors I’m thinking about buying the Curry 1 Low or the D Lillard 2?

        I need a durable traction and a great cushioning

  2. They sound awesome, I really wish the increased availability in Europe would’ve protected the big-footer sizes(most shoes went down all the way to 10-11).

    If I can find them though, these are a must for me.

  3. I hate the fact that you had to preface your opinion on this shoe with the “nike makes great performers” line, seemingly to placate the idiots who are so in love with Nike, and all of you know who you are, that they only pay attention to the reviewers who give Nike the gold star on every sneaker they release. If that were true for Curry, he’d probably still be with Nike. So let’s be honest, Nike messed up, big time. They could not make a shoe to fit Curry’s needs, yet the upstart Under Armour did.

    Good review.

  4. Thanks Nene and Sec – you two have been down since day one and I still appreciate you guys opinions more than anyone.

  5. I picked mine up over a week after release at they still had quite a few sizes. Everywhere else was sold out. But a great shoe overall. Comfy, looks good, and cheap.

  6. I wore mine into a Dick’s last week and like 4 kids (probably 13 and under) asked where I got them. I live in West Virginia. Crazy that UA finally has a shoe kids are asking for.

  7. Hey Duke, just wanted to say that your comparison to Kobe VI is spot on. For me the lows feels better than the mid ones. Keep it up!

  8. Great review duke I continue to enjoy reading your reviews. It reads maybe the micro g pro you enjoyed a little more? I’ve been keeping a eye on those since your review and was curious I know the grades are grades in just wondering about enjoyment.

  9. Great review, Duke. I just picked up a pair of the home cw, really excited to try them out on court!

  10. Excellent Review Duke ! As always.
    Would you happen to have the Weight of this Low model (it’s not stated in the scorecard)?
    Thanks a lot again !!!

  11. Hi,

    I’ve just bought these and I am a bit disappointed by the cushioning. I have removed the insole as I have to put orthopaedic insole, and I found the cushioning quite hard… I only played once with these, does it breaks in?

    1. The cushion is more firm than other UAs. Ive worn the “home” two or three times out and no changes so far. So about 10 hours in and still on the firm side. Not bad feeling, but also not the immediate comfort I got from the Clutchfit and even the Mid 1.

  12. Great review, My curry 1 lows feel tight and snug in the forefoot (especially by my little toe), will they eventually stretch once I brake in to them?

    1. This is why I went up. I got the 13s in the mid but had to go to a 14 because of the forefoot. The 13 was fine if the 14 wasn’t available but I want a shoe to fit with a little toe room, especially since I wear these out WAY more than playing. I’d go with a 13.5 but that doesn’t exist.

  13. Which one is better curry 1 low or curry 1 mid? i dont know which one i should order cause they both look good

    1. Unless you have a STUPID wide foot I say stay true. I wear these with the UA Curry socks and they fit fine after one game.

      1. Thanks, Duke. Only reason I was asking that question is because I am planning on getting (already ordered) the Black/Silver colorway so I can wear them at work.

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