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Get an Exclusive First Look at the Upcoming Nike Zoom Soldier X (10)

LeBron James was recently spotted wearing a wear-test sample of an unknown shoe, many speculated that it would be the LeBron 14. Turns out they weren’t the LeBron 14, but rather the tenth installment of the Nike LeBron Soldier line.

You can see that the Nike Zoom Soldier 10 will once again utilize the straps along the upper much like last year’s Soldier 9. We stated in our performance review of the Soldier 9 — great shoe by the way — that the laces they placed on the shoe were unnecessary and the shoe would have been just fine without them. Looks like that’s what designers had in mind as well since this looks like it might be the very first performance basketball shoe to be completely lace-less. Materials used are the same as the current Nike LeBron 13 Low, so a textile mesh upper with foam structure. Heat welded Fuse looks to be used sparingly as the toe drag and Swoosh branding are the only signs of the material. Lastly, large volume Nike Zoom Air units are in place at the heel and forefoot. None of that thin rectangle stuff either, this is the real deal Zoom Air that Zoom fans have been wanting to see make a return to footwear.

Traction looks to be the only area of the shoe that would concern us, but we have complete faith in Nike’s Soldier line as it’s been one of the most consistent performance models from the brand in recent years. If the signature LeBron model fails to impress, the Zoom Soldier usually makes up for it.

No official word on pricing or availability at this time, but stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on the Nike Zoom Soldier 10 below in the comment section. Nike looks to be setting new trends (again) in the basketball market with this lace-less high top design.

Big thanks to longtime WearTesters supporter Davis Byrne for the images!

Get an Exclusive First Look at the Upcoming Nike Zoom Soldier X (10) 1

Get an Exclusive First Look at the Upcoming Nike Zoom Soldier X (10) 2

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  1. Should have incorporate some flywires on those straps to secure lockdown like what they’ve done on soldier 9 especially if it is laceless.

  2. Kind of a sloppy Jordan 20, the velcro should have been different, maybe make the straps elastic, to prevet that open-velcro look. Also the silhouette will pucker, and crease, a cleaner collar topline would’ve been prettier.

      1. Actually if the top of a collar creases you get hotspots(pinching), you want performance shoes to be smooth when you start wearing them, to reduce friction.

  3. There better be a price drop with these. B/c there isn’t much tech in these. It just a mesh booty, 3 velcro straps and 2 zoom units. I’d say $110 is appropriate

  4. 1) I tried the Soldier 9 without the laces and could definitely feel the difference in support.
    2) The Reebok Answer 4 had a slip-on version that was completely laces and I balled in those until they were utterly useless 2 years later.
    3) As a huge Zoom Soldier fan, these are a let down. They look like mesh Hyperdunks with three hideous straps.
    I just pick up another pair of 9s for cheap.

    1. Slip on Answer 4’s were a casual shoe from Reebok. There’s also 2 lace loops in the soldier 9’s. Unlikely they offered any additional support. Placebos are everything with most people. If you think it’s real then you’ll feel it’s real.

  5. every aspect of the shoe is flat out ugly. looks like an extremely outdated design. no doubt this should have been scrapped

  6. Reminds me of a medical foot boot but w a lebron logo. I’d still give them a try though just to see how they feel.

  7. The soldier 9 has a wicked cross strap set up. This is a basic 1 way strap that never works for lockdown. I love the outsole and reminds me of the lebron 7 PS. BTW they need to get rid of the current Bron logo and revert back to LJ23 infused logo.

  8. LMAO I just got my IX LE’s yesterday. Rise colorway, and freaking awesome to look at. In some ways more innovative than the LJ12 and 13 had there been a more elaborate cushion system. Glad that seems addressed here with the ZSX, not that it was necessarily bad.

    Kinda grandpa-like, but the laces on the IX really could’ve been better off as a strap. I do agree with the other comment saying they did help with lock down (guess it depends on foot).

    My only hesitations with this upcoming installment is the traction since the bar was set so high, and I bet this thing is a bigger pain in the ass to put on. The IX at least had flex points to pull the heel back a bit. And looking at the top strap of the X, it’s serving seemingly as a support brace vs. a hold for your foot towards the heel counter.

      1. Yeah, basically the IX’s closures were split into 3 zones, and the laces were a measure for midfoot security/lockdown.

        In NW’s defense, he’s right when it comes to their lack of adding *support* in particular. The loops were set high, so best the pattern does is clamp the foot down, but it doesn’t bring the sides of the shoe towards the foot so much to resist excess pronation/supenation. The top lace holes then pull at the collar to aid heel lockdown/security.

        The ZSX ‘s midfoot strap looks like it pulls lower and from further back on the medial side (like the ZS6), so I’m guessing it’s actually going to be more supportive.

  9. This sneaker is like when you wake up on a Sunday at about 1:30 in the afternoon with extremely vague memories of the night before. You look around the room, thankful that you managed to make it back to your own, but with a noticeably awful feeling in your stomach that something needs to exit. You slide on a tee and jeans to offer up a little dignity to the housemates that might see you stumble out of your room on the way to the toilet.

    Once you get there, you have the innate sense to drop your head right over the bowl and just let it flow, but wait… you feel something else, this isn’t the alcohol speaking this time, no, it’s the late night kebab that you knew you were going to regret right about now, looking to escape from your other, more toilet friendly cavity. Normally you’d ask yourself at this point, “Why oh why did I ask for chili sauce?”, but it’s too late.

    At this point your body just lets go in a flurry of exotic liquids. Vomit and shit are expelled in an alarmingly poetic fountain of undeniable stank. The sounds you emit while performing this despicable act mimic that of an elephant screaming into a megaphone while being spanked on the ass with an over-sized palm frond. In short, it’s an event, and then you blackout.

    When you come to, everything smells awful, everything looks awful, but you feel… good, you feel better! It’s officially over. I mean, you’re going to have to clean that shit up, but knowing that you came out alive and to be able to tell this story? It’s the stuff of legends. You get up off the floor, knees still a little weak, but resilient none the less. You breathe a sigh of relief and walk over to the mirror. As your eyes adjust carefully to the light, you notice something about your shirt that makes you grimace in disappointment. Something that really puts a dampener on your recent triumph.

    Your shirt is inside-out,

    and basically, these Soldier 10’s look like that.

  10. Maybe they’ll be good performers, soldiers usually are, but damn thats ugly. I mean…Jesus.

  11. The downside to these one-piece upper/lace-less shoes (the lebron 13 & 13 elite, soldier 9/10, hyperrev 2016, and so on) is that they do not conform to a wide range of foot sizes compared to a lace + tongue setup. They do not allow you to create space within the shoe especially when it comes to height, and are limited in their ability to eliminate space (no laces to tighten, only straps in a one or.. three places ). With laces, the shoe can constrict around your foot, instead of the foot having to fit perfectly in a pre-defined shape.

    Seems like a lot of dead space in the traction setup too.

    1. Basically I really wanted to like the hyperrev and soldier 9, but both pinched the top of my mid-foot unless I sized up (making them too long & wide). The ankle strap on the soldier needed to be tight as well for great fit since the laces were weak, which really constricts ankle movement. This shoe looks even worse. I think the soldier 8 got it right. Laces + flywire + a WELL placed functional strap that angled down to really lock the foot in without hindering ankle mobility. And they’re light as hell.

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