Get a Detailed Look at the Nike Kobe XI (11) EM ‘Lower Merion’

The Nike Kobe 11 gets a brand new rendition featuring Engineered Mesh over the FlyKnit models that are currently available.

We’ve been waiting for these ever since we first saw the Hornets colorway. These look very similar to the Nike Kobe 8 – not a bad thing – but with the Kobe 11’s outsole – which is kind of a bad thing. They will likely retail well below the $200 price point the current Kobe 11 is listed at, and we’re curious to know what the drop-in midsole will feature in terms of cushion. This pair clearly sports Kobe’s High School – the Lower Merion Aces – and we’re looking forward to seeing more colorways in the near future.

This pair is listed to hit retail on 4/09/16 so we don’t have too long of a wait. While you do, you can get a detailed look of the shoe below and be sure to leave your thoughts on the Nike Kobe XI (11) EM below in the comment section.

Get a Detailed Look at the Nike Kobe XI (11) EM 'Lower Merion' 1 Get a Detailed Look at the Nike Kobe XI (11) EM 'Lower Merion' 2 Get a Detailed Look at the Nike Kobe XI (11) EM 'Lower Merion' 3 Get a Detailed Look at the Nike Kobe XI (11) EM 'Lower Merion' 4



  1. I recently got the BHM’s (thanks for posting about the recent Nike clearance sale weartesters!) and the traction has been great. Issues with the traction might be due to the rubber compound used on the translucent soled versions versus the solid soled ones, but I don’t have any other CWs of the XI to compare to my BHM’s.

  2. Yep cushion is full length lunarlon they took out the zoom from the heel unfortunately. However they are priced at $160 which is a huge drop off from $200

    1. Hi, a newbie question. What does it mean when zoom is taken out from the heel? Less cushioning?

  3. Just bought the BHM model. Traction is fine but it is too narrow near the lateral toe area. I’m hoping the the EM fixes this. Otherwise, I can’t wear these. Going up 1/2 size will leave too much dead space.

  4. Eh, these really do look like one of those cheap runners, but hopefully more than meets the eye

  5. yeah, do i want to get these or a shoe that’s much cheaper, has better traction, has a flyweave upper as opposed to an engineered mesh one, and has exactly the same cushion (save maybe for those nike free grooves?)
    i would maybe pay what they’re asking for with the flyknit pair, because they look incredible, but these….come on, there are much better pure performance shoes for cheaper

  6. ps i never thought that the hyperlive would really be a shoe worth playing in, since i have and enjoy playing in the hyperchase, but it improves on a shoe that i already liked…for one thing the last isn’t as narrow (the hyperchase is the most suffocatingly narrow shoe ever made), and the fit feels even better, fantastic shoe for the price i would say

  7. The XDR outdoor style outsole could definitely change the way the traction performs right nightwing? I’ve been waiting to grab a pair, translucent soles never really perform as well imho..

  8. Be interesting to see how these compare to the Elites. I’m an avid fan of the 8 and so far nothing from the Kobe line since then has compared.

    I’d go out on a limb saying that these out perform the Elites.

  9. Can this be used at outdoors? Bought a pair just now and will try it this weekend. Goooooodluck

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