Get a Detailed Look at the Entire Q4 Sports Basketball Lineup

Another new brand has entered the basketball footwear market and we’ve got a detailed look at its entire lineup of hoop shoes.

Quintin Williams has been around, designing shoes for various brands over the years, but this year marks the birth of his own creative direction with Q4 Sports.

The new independent brand looks to fill a global void within the market of performance basketball footwear that was once filled by AND1 (until AND1 inked a deal its shoes in Walmart stores and subsequently lost it’s appeal to those wanting something cool but not mainstream). If you wanted to know more about all the ins and outs about Q4 Sports, what the brand stands for, and what it plans on doing then we encourage you to head over to and check our the article on Q4 here.

If you wanted a detailed look at Q4’s first lineup of performance footwear then that’s where WearTesters comes into play. We’ve been wear-testing the shoes for a couple of weeks now and wanted to get you all a nice look at each of the five introductory models.

Enjoy the detailed look and review below. If you want to check out Q4 Sports you can do so by heading to


  1. Pretty good, yes. But I feel like another LA brand (Brandblack) has more to offer for your buck.

    1. I think the challenge here is even if Q4 has legit performance stuff, many people will overlook it if it doesn’t have any serious aesthetic appeal or are completely mind blowing (yet somehow in the AND1 budget bracket). Take brands like 361 and Ektio getting into basketball. They got decent praise but seemingly nobody was looking for them in the end. Kinda sad that people can get so critical of a mainstream brand product’s performance shortcomings, but it’s the only product that has their attention at the same time.

      Brandblack’s appeal was helped by their aesthetic, and they showed up with the very popular JC2 that sells to this day. Not trying to cast a dark cloud over a product we haven’t seen a review for yet, but hope to hear good things, and that they have a solid marketing plan to expose people to what could be a good product.

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