Get Up Close and Personal with the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit

The Nike Hyperdunk continues to evolve with the latest iteration for 2017 featuring Nike’s latest foam cushion — React.

Alongside the React cushion, a reengineered Flyknit also makes its first appearance on the Hyperdunk 2017. While the knit is similar to that of the Nike KD10, there are sections, such as the toe, that are reinforced with nylon thread throughout for added strength and durability. You can also see the heel has an articulated collar that is more more refined than last year’s Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit.

The React cushion is implemented full-length and the outsole tooling mimics the foots natural strike zones with a pressure mapped design.

We’re excited to try out the Nike Hyperdunk 2017 when it releases, but we’re curious as to what your thoughts are now that you’ve had a day to digest all of the information about the new model. Let us know how you feel and stay tuned for the Hyperdunk 2017 to release on August 3 for $140.

Images via conkeror21


  1. I have been wearing all Adidas for almost 2 years now…..BOOST is just Awesome,

    Will Wait for Weartesters Review to even consider trying a Nike again.

    1. Me too. I think the last 6 shoes I’ve bought were boost shoes. I need to use it exclusively for ball and running; its the only thing that doesn’t give my creaky ass knees pain, and I’ve tried everything. I’ve barely considered Nike for the last 2 years, honestly.

      Maybe this react stuff could be good for my knees as well, but we’ll see if its worth the hype. The key would be how much it absorbs impact in addition to comfort.

      1. I agree 101%, there’s something special about the boost cushioning that separates it from any other cushion on the market,

        BOOST IS LIFE – the Weartesters crew created this phrase, and it’s soooo TRUE!,

        Just wish they created it much much earlier for Bball, but thanks Adidas for BOOST!

    2. Adidas: Boost is awesome(I like Bounce a lot too), the materials are good, the bang for your buck is better…..but to me, Nike still kills Adidas on the fit and ultimately that’s the number 1 thing that matters to me, along with traction.

  2. YO why does whenever i open, there will be a guardian of the galaxy advertisement that i dont know where its coming from anyone know how to turn this shit off? freaking james gunn

    1. There’s a small ad on the right side down below the WearTesters poll. Please mute it. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are waiting on Complex to resolve this issue.

  3. Is there a difference between Nike Flyknit and the performance woven upper of the Jordan XXX1? I feel like they are the same tech and implementation – just called different names between the two companies

      1. Which makes me wonder why jordan brand hasn’t incorporated flyknit into the main jordan line…Is performance woven that much better? I have the XXX1 and its pretty comfortable esp with more uses…Ive never experienced primeknit or flyknit.

  4. I saw on complex yt channel that the flyknit hyperdunk goes for 160 which is so much better then 2016

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