Get Up Close and Personal with the Away UA Curry 4 ‘Finals’

Stephen Curry and Under Armour might have the hottest shoe this coming season — and we’ve only seen two colorways thus far.

Nick DePaula of The Vertical and Nice Kicks was fortunate enough to be able to take some beauty shots of the upcoming UA Curry 4.

Getting up close and personal with the shoe, we can see the materials and traction in full detail. This NBA Finals ‘Away’ Curry 4 looks to use a one-piece Threadborne upper with a nubuck overlay. There appears to be some sort of TPU moderator plate underfoot, possibly providing a bit of spring to the wearers first step, along with what we assume is a Charged cushion setup.

Traction is the main point of focus as this is the first time we haven’t seen herringbone used on one of Stephen’s signature shoes. The pattern reminds me of the Air Jordan XXXI and XX8 — fingers crossed it performs more like the XX8.

Enjoy the close up view of the upcoming Under Armour Curry 4 and share your first impressions of the shoe’s potential performance below in the comment section. Expect the Curry 4 to release this fall in both a low and the high version you see below.


Images via Nick DePaula


  1. This has got to be the nicest most finished product that UA footwear has come out with. These and the Rock’s shoes probably.

    If the Warriors sweep and UA can’t drop this shoe immediately they’re making a huge mistake. They should have kept Curry in the 3zero for the finals.

  2. These are nice, might very well be the first UA shoes I buy. It isinteresting how they purposefully left out any branding on what the cushion is, probably to keep folks guessing and the interest going?

  3. I’m not so sure about applying the term “moderator plate” because I thought the purpose and marketing speak was specific to the Zoom setup in the Jordan pairs, where as these Curry’s are likely to be just foam without any major concentration zones. I’d think here it’s just a spring plate/shank for typical torsional support and integrity vs. needing to actually…moderate anything.

    It surely looks better than the 3, but in the general realm it’s simply alright imo. It’s like they went from ugly to proper, but not necessarily amazing. Big factor that improved the look is the absence of the UA logo on the lateral side. Otherwise, it’s ok. You put a Swoosh on it and it really looks like a HD16 or 17 variant. Though, on paper it sounds very promising for performance.

  4. the materials, build, and aesthetics on this is very good. i hope it performs outstandingly on court. can’t wait for the performance review.

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