Get Another Look at the ANTA KT 1 ‘Playoffs’

The Golden State Warriors have secured home court advantage for their upcoming Playoff run, and Klay Thompson will get a small upgrade with his footwear.

All season long we’ve watched Klay get buckets in the home and away version of his ANTA KT 1 signature model, but for the Playoffs he’ll lace up two fresh new colorways. A yellow based version with a knitted midfoot and rear section with a heat welded Fuse at the forefoot and eyestay will be worn regularly. Along with that a blue based version featured the same construction will be worn as well.

Both colorways are starting to hit overseas retailers now, but no official word on if we’ll see a U.S. release. Keep your fingers crossed – if you’re a Warriors fan – that ANTA decides to drop some pairs Stateside and stay tuned to for updates.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the ‘Playoff’ ANTA KT 1 in the comment section, and for fun your Playoff predictions.

Get Another Look at the ANTA KT 1 'Playoffs' 1

Get Another Look at the ANTA KT 1 'Playoffs' 2

Get Another Look at the ANTA KT 1 'Playoffs' 3

Get Another Look at the ANTA KT 1 'Playoffs' 4

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  1. Damn they really are making me choose between these two colorways huh.. Both are fresh, and aren’t bad performers either. Also, I heard that these playoffs shoes will retail for $77 compared to the first few pairs that have released (which were $100 USD).

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