Gary Payton’s Nike Zoom GP May Retro in 2019

One of Gary Payton’s most sought-after signature shoes, the 1998-99 Nike Zoom GP, may be getting a retro in 2019.

According to leaker @oklai19, a Nike Zoom GP retro will release in May of 2019 for its 20th birthday. Fans of Payton’s for-hoopers signature line may see this as a win, but it seems unlikely that Nike would bring back this shoe with all of its original tech (based on previous retro sneakers that were stripped of their original tech).

For starters, the Nike Zoom GP had an insane amount of Zoom Air in it — just take a look at @Duke4005‘s deconstructed image below. There is a huge articulated Zoom Air unit that covers nearly all of the forefoot and a large rectangular heel unit. While Zoom units have gotten thicker than ever before in recent years — LeBron’s Soldier line is a perfect example — the Zoom GP retro may not have that same Zoom setup come its retro.

nike air zoom GP deconstructed

Image via @duke4005

Moreover, the Nike Zoom GP was a complex shoe; it featured a lacing system that was covered by a rollerblade/ski boot-style buckled shroud and flaunted bold overlays constructed of premium materials. It was was also heavy.

For now, the 2019 Nike Zoom GP is just a rumor but expect updates as we learn more from sources overseas.

Would you like a Nike Zoom GP retro? Let us know in the comments below.

nike zoom GP retro

Image via @oklai19


  1. I’ll be you a pair that the monkey paw won’t be back in the retros. I don’t remember these being heavy. The only Payton kicks I remember being heavy were the III’s. They were so heavy that he hardly wore them in games.

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