The Future of Jordan Brand? David Creech Says Flight Utility and “Audacious Athleticism”

Jordan Brand Creative Director David Creech penned an interesting essay about the future of the brand’s designs and its latest innovation, Flight Utility, which will debut on the Air Jordan 33.

“I get asked all the time what it’s like to be the creative director for Jordan Brand,” wrote Creech in his essay. “The answer is it’s an unbelievable opportunity to take an iconic symbol known around the world — the Jumpman — and obsess about how we can script it for the future.”

As Jordan Brand focuses on the future, it must lead with innovation — after all, the brand was founded on being the best for the best: Michael Jordan. According to Creech, that innovation is Flight Utility.

“As designers, we see ourselves as problem-solvers. When you start with innovation, it leads you to someplace new,” wrote Creech. “That new design ethos can best be seen in our forthcoming game shoe, the Air Jordan XXXIII. This shoe arrives from balancing an opportunity in innovative, data-backed design with an aesthetic that speaks to what feels uniquely true about Jordan Brand. It also stems from something we believe in deeply: that audacious athleticism is what takes sneakers into the future. Leaps of faith and daring are the best places from which to imagine.”

According to Creech, Jordan Brand is driven by attitude. That “audacious athleticism” attitude comes from the brand’s various partners including athletes, brands, clubs, entertainers, and universities.

“In the end, Flight Utility opens a new aperture to form the future visual language of Jordan Brand. Call it an attitude or a championship mentality or a commitment to the pursuit of greatness — it’s all predicated on adapting to athletic and aesthetic shifts,” concluded Creech. “This is the mentality you’ll see come to life in our design going forward. After all, for us at Jordan Brand, conquering change is second-nature; you can see it in the Jumpman, shaking free from the grip of gravity.”

You can read the entire essay at Nike News. Be sure to share your thoughts on the brand’s new direction in the comments below.

Jordan Brand Flight Utility air jordan 33 david creech

Image via Jordan Brand


  1. From what he says, they’re heading back to the idea of creating something new and being the at the forefront of innovation for basketball shoes. That’s what made the originals pretty amazing. Looking forward to this

  2. most often times when these guys get creative things like the 2k9 happen. he better be able to back up that word salad.

  3. The lacing system will be similar to the BOA dial system on hiking shoes. That could give you infinite ways of fitting your feet. I just wonder what else is the 33 bringing to the table.

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