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Forbes Footage Shows Unseen Yeezy Models and Samples

In a recent feature with Forbes, Kanye West showed the world his Yeezy empire and some unseen samples that may see public releases in the future.

Though banned by the NBA due to its reflective upper, the Yeezy basketball sneaker caught many’s attention dating back to last year. Through the footage from Forbes, we get a better look at what could possibly the final product that’s rumored to release sometime in 2019; not to mention, Kim Kardashian has been caught rocking them on foot recently as well.

During the interview, Kanye mentioned that a model generally sees hundreds of prototypes before the public release. The footage shows many renditions of the adidas Yeezy 350 and 700 models in unseen colorways that could be designs that ultimately didn’t make the final cut. It just goes to show how much effort and work goes into the designing process before a release.

Although Kanye’s Yeezy empire has yet to topple the Jordan Brand, he has made incredible strides in the athleisure and fashion world. Do you see Yeezy jumping over the Jumpman in the future? Sound off in the comment section below.

Click here to read the Kanye and Forbes feature.

Images via Forbes

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