For His Last Game in Boston, Kobe Wears His Last Signature Sneaker

Kobe debuts the Nike Kobe XI, don’t it just feel right?

You can criticize, ridicule, and butcher his career all you want. But one thing you cant do, is take away everything he’s done for the game of basketball. Defy odds as a teenage phoneme, done. Become a champion – 5 times – done. 17 time NBA All-Star, done. Become a global ‘venomenon’, done. Have a signature shoe line that is adored by his fans and basketball players alike, done… twice.

With all these accolades its no wonder why the Nike Kobe XI is one of the most highly anticipated models of 2016. For his last game in Boston, a place where Kobe has a lot of fond memories, the Mamba broke out the last signature model he will wear on the hardwood for the first time. In a new Laker purple colorway we have not seen before, Kobe performs yet another clutch performance to get our blood rising as we move closer to the official release date for the Kobe XI.

The Nike Kobe XI is set for a January 9th release date at Are you planning to cop? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Mamba Wears the Kobe XI for His Last Run in Boston-3 The Mamba Wears the Kobe XI for His Last Run in Boston-1 The Mamba Wears the Kobe XI for His Last Run in Boston-4 The Mamba Wears the Kobe XI for His Last Run in Boston-2



  1. Kobe the Black Mamba, a player I respect as a Bball player,

    Just hoping the new Kobe performs well as a sign of respect.

  2. After seeing this, I’m kinda hesitating on buying on Jan 9 for the achilles heel or wait it out on June(rumored release). Man what career for kobe and I hope he keeps this up, it’ll make my kobe 11 purchase even more worth it

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