First Look: World Balance Bank Shot

World Balance Bank Shot

As a kid growing up in the Philippines in the 80’s we were pretty much limited to what we wore during PE, Nike was pretty much out of reach and so were Adidas, Reebok and the like, what we did have were local brands such as World Balance.

Today we’re having a look at the new World Balance Bank Shot.

I know, I know it doesn’t have a swoosh or little man in red jumping around, nor does it have any stripes in threes running through it… but this little known shoe manufacturer does have is potential.

World Balance Bank Shot Traction PatternTraction is pretty much a mixed bag of patterns, you have a modified uh, wavy herringbone type pattern from the tip of the shoe down to the medial front outrigger, then you have a hexagonal story-telling pattern down the lateral side all the way to the heel where there are curved strips of rubber. These look like they’ll hold up well on both indoor and outdoor settings, and from first try-on the frontal pattern sticks like glue, so I have high hopes that this setup will benefit a lot of smaller players and guards.


World Balance Bank Shot (2)The entire medial side of the shoe is perforated with holes… I mean literally, like someone took an assault rifle and peppered the entire side with holes and the tongue is full mesh so you can expect to have dry socks with these.






Other than those two main points I really do have high hopes for these, especially when those high hopes only cost about Php 2899.00 (US$ 65.00)

Stay tuned for a full review soon!

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    1. Naalala ko tuloy ang aking kabataan noong dekada nobenta. Respeto sa World Balance at napakatibay rin nyan.

  1. it looks like some design were borrowed from New Balance such as hexagon shaped traction, the three dots on near the toe box, and well, the name….

  2. Looks pretty awesome but the tech on the upper looks outdated, Ken. I’m glad someone like you is able to play in a Filipino brand shoe

  3. Nice! there are a lot of great World Balance shoes here in the Philipines. Props to KicksonCourt for sharing it to the world!

  4. this seem perfect for our inter-barangay, inter-tsinelas summer league. at this price, i am definitely favoring this rather than “class a” immitation nike/adidas shoes. mabuhay.

    1. ROGER that. 35 years and counting. born circa 1979. played with l.a. gear, mighty kid, world balance (running shoes), under the scorching (not covered) rays of the afternoon every summer. basta may ring, laro!!!!

      1. Surprised that you’ll be giving these a try. Curious on how it turns out.

        Tama ka dyan, basta may ring, laro lang ng laro! Buti pa mga bata ngayon madami na covered court. Hahaha


        1. LOL. Kaypee’s and Grosby’s are expensive then. (Alvin Patrimonio + Billy Ray Bates). Now, Fila and Peak are quite cheap (same as the price range of WB Bank Shot). I will definitely try these on. There is a local shop here (Robinson’s metroeast).

  5. Greetings Nightwing and Mr. Tamayo. I’m from the Philippines as well. I just wanna share my opinion on World Balance. Yes, they are a potent brand that manufactures shoes, but some of their designs are HUGE rip-offs of Jordans. I understand that they want to build up in the industry themselves, but because of their lack of originality, I can’t respect them that much.

    1. Your opinion is duly noted and yours, not forcing anyone to buy the shoes, just letting people know that there are other manufactures out there, not just the Chinese that are worth looking in to. Besides.. din’t the Air Jordan 1 start out as a gussied up Nike Dunk?

      1. The Air Jordan 1 did look like a dunk, but it doesn’t really matter since Nike is only copying it’s own product. Although these do not look like a Jordan rip-off, I still think that there is no excuse copying a design of another brand although some are popular now. An example is Fila, they ripped-off the foamposite.

  6. Hey knightwing, on their website they only have whole number sizes. What would you recommend for someone who is an 8.5 (8 or 9)?

    1. Hi A.M.

      I recommend going up half a size, so if you normally wear an 8.5 go to a 9, there’s a bit of dead space in the toe box so if that discomforts you then you go down a size, other than that going up a bit should be fine.

  7. haha. this is crazy. well i mean it in a good way. its good to see a pinoy post here. salute to Nightwing2303. hehe. if a regular player abroad plays with And1, peak, fila, or any regular nike, adidas, jordan, or reebok shoes. here in philippines ordinary people plays wearing their regular slippers sometimes playing in barefoot will do. hehehe. I do have several pairs of shoes. but sometimes it just feels different when you play pick up games wearing only a pair of slippers.hahaha. So this kind of local brands helps a lot. saludo para sayo sir Ken Tamayo. 🙂

    1. world balance is not the only one whos thriving now. there are other brands too. but because of the lack of fund. the cannot hire a super genius designer like tinker nor a lab search facility like nike have. thats why all of them are scrapped designs from other brands. thats their downfall though

  8. The reason I chose World Balance over Accel and the like is because of brand recognition for one, sure they don’t have the advertising chops and R&D facilities that Nike has, but they’ve been around for so long that they’re almost the go to local brand aside from Accel, heck even GROSBY is getting back in the game with their retro releases, I just wanna share our local stuff with the rest of the world.

    1. I’ve seen few of grosby’s retro lately. did’nt have any idea that they are into retro’s now. the last time i saw grosby on court was when i watched an old clip from pba. lol

  9. Hello Ken,

    Thanks for featuring World Balance here. I used to rock these back in the day. This brand was pretty much all we could afford back then while all my school mates wore their Air Pennys, Kidds, and Jordans. I definitely played in World Balance shoes when I was a kid. I didn’t know they were still around (been out of the country for over 18 years).

    I was just looking through their basketball shoe lineup and, while it does look like they take some design inspirations from other products, they are still different and I am very interested in trying them out. Have you seen the Expeditor? That looks pretty sweet 🙂

    Thanks again!

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