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A First Look at the Under Armour Heat Seeker

Under Armour will soon be adding a new model to its basketball lineup and we believe this is it. Meet the UA Heat Seeker.

Aesthetically, this sneaker features very clean lines with the UA Drive 4 tooling while the upper remains just as sleek with the engineered knit build.

As we previously reported, this shoe uses tooling from the UA Drive 4 which included an aggressive herringbone pattern, an EVA midsole, and exposed Micro G in the heel. This is a shoe catered towards those that prefer low profile responsiveness in their hoop shoes vs. someone that wants to feel like they’re being catapulted out of the gym.

Along with the reused tooling comes a brand new engineered knit upper that is nearly identical to what it currently being used on the Curry 4. Seamless heat welded panels are implemented into high-wear areas and there is a nice TPU heel counter for support.

As a Warriors fan I’m loving the colorway — everything from the two-toned upper to the paint speckles on the midsole. If Under Armour can make blue and gold look this good then I can’t wait to see what it’s able to do with a black/red or black/white.

According to @FlashSole, the Under Armour Heat Seeker is due to release sometime in December for $115. That isn’t a bad price point for what you receive.

Share your thoughts on this upcoming Under Armour Basketball model and stay tuned for updates on its release.



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  1. Question from someone who is ignorant in this area: why is UA on the decline when they keep putting out products that perform well and look good, and for reasonable prices? Is it their marketing? I’ve seen ads and commercials and they aren’t that bad. For some reason, UA still seems to not be viewed as “cool” like Nike and Adidas.

    1. I don’t think UA will ever be “cool” — that’s why it should just keep making stuff that performs. The brand has partnered with A$AP Rocky to make UAS cool and if he can’t sell the stuff then idk what will happen

    2. These are the only UA sneakers I’ve seen that looks good. UA shoes may perform well but “ain’t” no one buying them to rock casually unless your parents are still buying shoes for you oft the clearance rack. First and foremost is their ugly logo. UA had some decent looking shoes and then they ruin it with thier logo. The Curry signatures are all ugly except the latest one in the low. If UA was smart they would release other models of the Curry line 1 performance, another for casual, another would be pure aesthetics and limited such as how the Way of Wade/Wade line is doing. Come on UA even Peak, Anta and LiNing are re leasing better looking performance shoes.

      1. I don’t really think you should be wearing performance basketball shoes casually anyway, not that they don’t look good, I think the pg1 is a gorgeous shoe for example, but they’re not anywhere near as comfortable as other options that are lifestyle friendly … this goes for Jordans too obviously, I mean I love 1s and 11s and wear them sometimes but still they very much feel like basketball shoes…that is, they feel constrictive….honestly the only thing people should worry about with performance footwear is whether it performs, UA put out the best basketball shoe on the market a few years ago with the clutchfit drive and it looked terrible, does it really matter?

    3. I think they are on a decline because they refuse to use the tech that they were famous for and good at: MICRO G FOAM.. When they were popular and at their best they used micro g and had some overall decent attractive designs. Now from what I know (correct me if I am wrong), they don’t have a single model out now that have full length micro g or micro g in the forefoot. They only focused on the heel cushioning and neglect the forefoot. Most people that play basketball, play mostly on the forefoot and not use their heel as much.
      They keep on using basic EVA foam on the forefoot and justify it by saying that it is for response. Yea, I get it some players like a responsive forefoot and dislike lively cushion forefoot. But it has become clear from their decline in sales that the majority of regular ballers want some form of good proprietary cushion in their forefoot of their shoes that atleast absorb impact well even if it is not lively as zoom..
      Also, even with the justification of responsiveness for their use of EVA, there are other shoes out there in the market by other brands that provide responsiveness and at the same time use proprietary cushion that is more durable and more impact absorbent than basic EVA. Like REACT, recently low profile bounce, and even Jetlon plus (from rare metals provide good impact absorption but is still responsive).
      Another thing, why EVA anyways? Isn’t Charged foam their proprietary foam cushion for responsiveness and at the same time is better at impact absorption than basic EVA? Like what is the point of this are they just trying to fleece their customers?

    4. @ Goozpah, that’s kind of the problem, 2 years ago, UA tried to make the switch from being ‘the coaches brand'(because that’s their market, fitness, coaching, physical-therapists they love UA performance), to being fashionable, which resulted in a bit of a drop-off in performance(MicroG, and Charged got downgraded, they started experimenting with some very cheap looking materials), and in looks that were very similar to Nike, and adidas, which made them disappear to a lot of people.

      Also, in Europe UA is now getting back to normal prices, but the Curry 3 was 180 Euro(215 US$) making them one of the most expensive brands in Europe, which chased the ‘coaches’ away.

    5. They don’t normally put out good looking shoes – only recently have the Curry and Drive models looked pretty good. Also, as mentioned below from a more casual perspective they don’t have a good cushion setup.

      I will say that unlike most people I don’t mind the UA logo – it looks fine to me. I think it is just a reflection of the brand equity Adidas and Nike/Jordan have in the US…if that same H stood for Hermes or even Hugo Boss I am sure most people would like it just fine.

  2. A problem with UA basketball kicks is that they all seem to be made for one type of player. They don’t have any shoes that are for players that need forefoot cushioning, or full length cushioning, or bigs. Not everybody is a 20 year old speedy guard with excellent knees.

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