A First Look at the Supra Skytop V

After all the Decade X releases, we knew Supra was teasing Chad Muska’s fifth signature. Now, the Supra Skytop V has finally been unveiled.

Muska’s signature line has been ever-changing, fluctuating from a midtop to a high, then to more of a low — all while implementing new technologies to skate shoes, often drawn from performance basketball sneakers (more on that here). The Skytop IV was a high top, but the Skytop V has returned to a mid-top height.

Created by Supra’s lead designer Adam Contreras and Chad Muska, the Supra Skytop V utilizes a three-piece TPU cage with multi-pieced elastic bands (a nice detail is the embroidered V that can be spotted on the heel strap). The bands, coupled with an internal neoprene bootie, should offer good lockdown and a custom fit. According to Muska, the upper is constructed of TUF coated Lycra while the entire toe piece is padded and flexible — and strengthened by a fused layer of rubber.

Supra skytop v black 3

The Skytop V sits atop a full-length EVA midsole with a deep heel cup in the footbed that should offer a secure foundation. Supra has stated that the multi-pieced rubber thread pattern, which utilizes herringbone and blade traction, has “coloring capabilities.”

It’s clear that the Skytop V, with its sandwich mesh upper and elastic bands, is inspired by some classic sneakers and modern fashion trends. In an interview with Sneaker Freaker, Muska reminisced about the Nike Air Presto. “When I put the Prestos on back in the day, I was bummed because I couldn’t really wear them because I had a sponsor. I was like, ‘This is the most comfortable, best slipper-sneaker shoe ever!’”

Supra skytop V black 2

According to Muska, the initial Skytop V colorways will be tonal, but the shoe’s construction allows for some interesting possibilities. Woven materials are able to be used within the elastic centering strap, and the hot-melt around the stitching in the tongue hole means it can be used to pull the shoe on (a design theme carried over from past Skytop models). Three Skytop V colorways have already been unveiled: Black/Black, White/White, and Dried Herb/Herb.

The Supra Skytop V will become available on February 16 for $125 at retailers like Supra and Zumiez. You can actually pre-order the three initial colorways at your local Zumiez shop (click here for the store locator, you cannot do it over the phone).

This shoe certainly feels like an evolution from the rest of the skater’s signature line — and it should. Supra is now a decade old, and moving to a new office in Los Angeles.

Now that the Supra Skytop V has been unveiled, what do you think of Chad Muska’s latest sig? The price is certainly appealing, and I will have that Dried Herb colorway, that I am sure of.

Supra skytop V chad muska 1

supra skytop v dried herb 1

supra skytop v black 1

supra skytop v white 1

Supra skytop V white 2


Source: Supra Footwear / SF


  1. I like that they look unique but still something that I would put on my feet.
    On an unrelated note, I am watching Clippers vs. Knicks right now and Jamal Crawford is wearing the CLB 2014. Pretty weird.

    1. Haha man there are so many dudes wearing shoes that are three years old or more! Couple guys still wearing the 773 joints ? I guess some players just find one shoe they like and stick with it

      1. Okay I just looked it up. I guess I didn’t know he had left Brandblack.
        What you say is true though. Austin Rivers is still wearing the CLB 2014 too in the first colorway haha.

  2. I’m undecided but given how amazing the OG skytop design is as an all time classic, among the likes of Jordan’s/nikes An many other iconic designs by various brands I’m initially disappointed. These first colorways are boring An do little to excite or create a buzz, the herb is the best but still not a do huge service to making the model gain immediate traction in my mind. Supra unfortunately has had some great colorways but far to many boring uninspired creativity lacking colorways of the same old solid upper white sole, far to few multicolored uppers an different soles. I think it’s held back the brand honestly, they should reduce colorways to present less options but better quality pairs that are more creative. More pairs like the OG kola brown which is one of my faves less satiny cottony pairs that are garbage in comparison.

  3. Nice one, but 125dols I think is a lil heavy for a Supra with simple EVA tech, but maybe my latest Boost addiction is gettin in the way :). They look super fresh though.

    1. I think 180 for a boost shoe is a ton, especially now that the PureBoost is 140. I. Not mad at 125, but I do wish Supra had something better than EVA. Although, a shoe that’s skateable needs to have boardfeel

  4. I really like this new design, not exactly what i was expecting but they look good, one thing is that they seem so comfy .. And also the price is ok compared to olders Skytops which is a good thing, i’ll get some, nice kicks.

  5. I had no idea that the Supra Skytop is a skate shoe.
    I wonder if they accept custom insoles?
    Clean design and a great price.

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