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First Look at Nike LeBron 15 Tech

From Tietouxiedai per Conkeror21, we have our first look at the technology used in the Nike LeBron 15.

Jason Petrie, lead designer of LeBron’s sneakers, has shown the dragon scale-like knitted upper and, the most exciting part of this shoe, the large volume articulated Zoom bag (everything you could want in Zoom). This Zoom bag features a Max Air unit encapsulating a Zoom unit — amazing.

With a recently disclosed release date of October 28, does seeing these images of the LeBron 15 tech features influence your purchasing decision? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Stay with WearTesters for updates and news on the Nike LeBron 15.



  1. …I need wait to see more details on this…I have popped so many Zoom units and Air Max shoes that I have switched to Boost…and I can image that these will cost around 200$ so I hope Nike has fixed the popping issue!

  2. I will certainly try them on. If I actually like the fit(I usually don’t with one booty uppers), I’ll consider purchasing. Traction looks like it will be good and cushioning looks great.

  3. That Zoom and Max air combo sounds really interesting. My main problem with Zoom air is that it is too soft for me, squishy, which in turn causes a delay in reaction time while sprinting and during cuts, also accompanied by foot fatigue during play. This leads to lower back instability, while other systems such as Max air do not create that environment at all. Let’s see if the addition of Max air combined with the Zoom changes the dynamic, because I know that I am not the only one who has had issues with Zoom air. I’ve read where Steph Curry had issues with it while he was still with Nike, thus foregoing mushy cushioning in his UA sig shoes

  4. Used to watch Sneakerhighway’s videos when he added subtitles. His analysis wasn’t perfect but clearly inspired and it was cool to see someone trying to provide an equivalent to WT to China. He also posted a strapped version of the LJ15.

    As far as tooling goes, I feel like they had an opportunity to add Max Air to the heel like their did in the forefoot as a tuning measure. Let Max Air dampen compression, Zoom work the rebound/return. Not entirely sure how that torsional system works, how it all comes together is still up in the…air.

  5. I hope weartesters will do stress test for durability of the zoom unit for us where the warranty is diff from there. If we popped the zoom, most likely we cant exchange it anymore and prices here are usually higher than there

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