A First Impression of the Under Armour Curry 4 ‘More Magic’

The Under Armour Curry 4 launches this Saturday so we have a detailed look and our first impressions on Curry’s fourth signature sneaker.

This is the sleekest Curry model to date.

Looking back at every Curry signature shoe to have released, the UA Curry 2 might be everyone’s top choice for on-court performance. However, the 4 may have them beat. Traction, stability, fit and containment. It’s all here. Everything you’ve loved about the previous iterations are all present and accounted for.

If I could sum up my thoughts on the UA Curry 4 in one word: refined. It simply feels refined. This is a shoe made for people looking to maneuver on-court and establish their feet quickly for a pull up jumper. These were not made for the high flyers that sprint down the floor without regard for anyone else — teammates included.

We hope you enjoy our first impressions on the UA Curry 4 below along with a brief detailed look at the shoe below. Stay tuned for the upcoming performance review and if you were interested in release information for the ‘More Magic’ colorway then click here.


      1. Last year they dropped in Oct and there’s been nothing at all this year. Would you have heard of they’d been cancelled?

          1. Your probably right. I’ll just have to keep waiting! The cp3s are my favorite show line, and to be honest, it would suck quite badly if they stopped at ten..melo has 13 which is crazy to think about. Your captcha words btw are fucking insane. I love it!

      2. Hi Nightwing,
        I tried to contact u couple of times but couldn^t get a hold of you. So, even though my question is unrelated to this article, it would be appreciated if u could answer none the less. On eastbay they sell Adidas CE low with solid outsoles, have u tested those? I am asking because i wasnt really impressed with the traction and outsole material on the original model. And before I buy another pair, it would be great to have your opinion on that solid outsole.
        Thanks in advance

  1. For the shoe itself, I like that UA has kept the identity and formula consistent with what’s been tried-and-true to Curry’s preferences. I’m expecting much of the 1 and 2 in it, but with some forward tweaks. Considering the white/black release.

    For the release, UA is…trying. It’s a cool colorway, but I don’t see the true lust in hunting them down let alone pay resale. If the 4 ends up on ICON, the value on this release might just go out the window. I mean no harm in trying to generate some hype for better sales, but it’s always going to be a (great) performance shoe miles before an attractive casual piece.

  2. How is the cushion? I like the curry line for it’s responsive and quick feeling cushion so hopefully that is the same

  3. Interested in the ankle stability. First time I’ve seen one of these sock shoes that lace all the way up.

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