First Impression: The adidas PG2 is Unveiled

No, these pictures aren’t fuzzy — that is the design of the new adidas PG2, a new team model that just appeared on the radar this week (and should be coming soon). Starting at the bottom, the traction looks insane — multi-level bevels in a sort of story-telling broken herringbone style. One thing’s for sure: we see that Continental logo right there in the midfoot. No details on cushioning yet, so it could be Bounce, could be adiPrene+.

The upper looks very promising; it honestly looks like Techfit, the kind seen on the CrazyQuick from four years back (it was a spandex upper with welded overlays for support). If that is the case, this will be a super comfortable upper.

Again, no word on the release date or pricing, but as details become clearer you know we will give them up. For now, enjoy the pics and share your thoughts.

adidas pg2 black/red

adidas pg2 white/black



Images via @thebasketballshoes


  1. Feels like a slashing pointguard shoe, without the overkilling DRose structure, a possible cop with a Bounce cushion system.
    Adidas was killing in 2016 and are really killing in 2017!
    Waiting for news, keep it up, Duke & Weartester team!

  2. I dig these.. Looks like it’ll be a full-length bounce midsole based on the medial side of the bred cw.. Any news if these will be available in the Philippines??

  3. These are crazy. I like ’em, especially the black/red ones. So many possible color combinations though.

    Traction looks like a winner also but you can never be sure until you try it. Bounce cushioning would be the cherry on top (or bottom? ha).

  4. Spotted these in Hong Kong, in other colorways though. Looks pretty good on hand, especially the all white pair which are super clean. Full length Bounce midsole. The outsole is crazy squeaky when I tried them on in store, even the sales person freaked out a little. These should have the same tooling as the Ball 365 series

  5. Kind of a dick move my adidas to call this the PG2 when Nike just put out Paul George’s sig shoe that will presumably be called the PG2 next year

    1. It’s was a dick move for Paul George having the same initials for Point Guard. I’m kidding but I can see how that’ll be a problem

  6. Looks like they used the Ball 365 outsole that dropped last year. Never was able to find a pair; wanted some for outdoor balling. I’m hoping they use Bounce. If that’s the case, I’m expecting them to retail around $120 then quickly hit the Outlets for less than $100. Though not as pretty as their signature lines now, I’m sure they’ll perform great.

  7. I like it, it has a unique character to it,

    Why does this have continental? While some signature models don’t? Crazy Explosive!!!

  8. Agree what does Adidas pg stand for I’m looking. Thinking of back with the running shoe um called something like Mana bounce rc yeah, that one , tried looking what rc stood for , very bad look for your company to do this , also here at target store sells champion brand with new weird logo C9.. what the hell is that supposed to mean , I’ll guess 10 is perfect , no one’s perfect so say your. A nine. Ha

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