The First Under Armour Curry 3 Colorway to Hit Retail Will Be…

According to a reliable Under Armour source, it looks like the first Curry 3 to hit retail will be the ‘Away’ colorway, first seen at the debut of the Curry One way back in January of 2015.

Featuring a bright yellow outsole and branding, and the camo pattern that runs from the heel to the medial side of the shoe, this colorway stays pretty clean. In previous images Curry’s signature wasn’t so apparent on the carbon fiber pinions but I enjoy it.

According to our source, this Under Armour Curry 3 colorway will hit retail in late October for a price of $150. These photos are unofficial and may be of a sample pair. Thus, they should be considered accordingly.

For a full run down of the Curry 3 tech specs, click here.

As more information and an exact date become available we will update you. In the meantime, thoughts on the price hike to $150? Does the new tech deserve it? How do you like this colorway? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.





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  1. Not digging the $150 price unless they have some extraordinary new features that they’ve been keeping under wraps. What made the previous Curry’s so accessible was the price. But with that much you can get the PK Crazy Explosive or the KD 9, both sneakers that are very great performers.

  2. I am not a fan of the camo at all. I wish that this didn’t look so bad, but they seem look like a solid performer which is good. Perhaps other color ways will be better (I know I have seen a couple I like more) and the lows look good in my opinion. However the $150 price may keep me away from these, hopefully the lows are cheaper again.

  3. HOLY FUCKEN SHIT!!! A BUCK FIFTY?!!! GYAT DAMN!!! THAT IS DAMN STEEP PRICE INCREASE!!! Time to go to the clearance section.

  4. With the survival cord upper, and real carbon fiber shank AND wings, i understand the price hike.
    Do i like it all, no. But i do understand why the price did jump from the 130 on the curry 2.
    i didnt really understand the 15$ hike from the one to the two though. i thought treplacing anafoam with speedform and keeping the same cushion set up would have kept the same price, but im not too knowledgable as to why it increase back then.

  5. Not excited about the price increase unless we get some improved tech that is noticeable. We’ll see if the price increase is justified in about a month.

    Like this colorway. Still love my Curry 1s in the same colorway. Shoe definitely looks better when there are little to know differences in color from medial to lateral sides of the shoe.

  6. UA going the way of nike, but as with everything it is only as expensive as people are willing pay for it I guess.

  7. This color way is really nice. Loved how the black and yellow came looked on the Curry 1 and this looks dope too

  8. At $150, these will sit, just like the Curry 2 and Curry 2.5, at $130 and $135 respectively. UA is making the same mistake as Nike with their KD line with increases every year. Don’t get me wrong, because I LOVE the Curry 2. However, I believe the sweet spot for basketball performance shoes is $80-100 after discounts. These should have stayed at $130, as I can’t see it being much of an improvement over the 2.

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