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Finally, a Look at the adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016

adidas Crazy light Boost 2016 1

The Three Stripes has seen a lot of success lately, on-court and off. The NMD line is doing spectacularly, and the D Lillard 2 is an excellent hardwood performer. adidas is hopefully looking to improve its on-court lineup with the adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016.

As you can see from the pictures, the adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016 is not fooling around: a big full length Boost midsole sits atop a Continental rubber outsole that has…interesting traction (it’ll be awesome to see how it performs) and what looks to be a torsional support unit. The upper is well, look at it! Does that not look nice to you?! Gone is the awesome knit on last year’s iteration; this latest CL Boost looks to go the Jacquard route and this colorway looks rather nice.

Retaining its mid-to-low-cut design, the outrigger may be done a bit differently on this shoe; translucent rubber from the outsole curves up onto the lateral sides of the shoes for added stability. Of course, in line with what adidas has been doing lately, there is minimal branding on the adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016 — just three stripes on the heel and a tiny adidas brand on the toe.

So, are you excited for the adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016? Sound off in the comments below.

adidas Crazy light Boost 2016 4

adidas Crazy light Boost 2016 3

adidas Crazy light Boost 2016 2

adidas Crazy light Boost 2016 1

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  1. Traction might look like the Kyrie 2 when the first set of pictures came out but I’m taking back what I’ve said back then, it looks sooo different. Still looks like a beast of a performer tho.

  2. Looks like deep traction, but the spacing seems a bit much for reliability. Less grooves to distribute force and abrasion on.

    Now if only the Rose 7 still kept the stripes at the heel or something.

    Your move Nike, no more penny size zoom unit, no more plastic fuse shoes that cost over 140 bucks, no more shitty drop in midsole!

  4. Bruh, Noah, you just made my day with this post. Can’t wait (Bart Scott voice). I mean, seriously…what more could I want? I’m looking forward to the review on these and hoping that they allow us to customize them.

  5. This cw is sweet, reminds me of a cross between the Rose 6 and the Jordan XI. Performance looks awesome. Any info on release date?

  6. I feel like adidas’ goal as of late has been to make a basketball shoe that feels like the greatest running shoe ever in the ultra boost-they may have accomplished it with this one.

  7. ADIDAS please make your shoes a tad wider….. lol or make a wider variant. The boost is as narrow as a flag pole

  8. Bred color way?
    Also, any word on James Harden signature shoe? Doubt Adidas is paying $ 200 million for him to wear team shoes.

  9. What do you guys think about toe drag and jaquard upper? looks like there is some sort of toe box protection but it´s not wrapping around the whole toe box (like on my kd7s that had a hole in the mesh upper of the toe box in no time – playing indoors!) and it´s not looking too solid. I am really interested in the CLboost2016 and also in the lillard 2 and the KD9 but I don´t wanna spend my money on shoes that rip.

    1. I don’t really do that toe drag thing for whatever reason, so I’m alright with it. But there might be an issue if nothings there. Maybe theres fuse-type stuff underneath in that area. The Lilliard 2s toebox is the same as this, so whatever that has, this has.

    2. Not to be mean, but stop dragging your toe. That is very poor footwork and your shoes are getting ruined too. Stay on your forefeet for basketball.

      1. Not to be mean, but stop answering questions that no one did ask. That is very poor answerwork and your posts are getting ruined too. Stay on toppic for answering. 😉

  10. EVERY shoe in adidas line up this year looks beastly, continuing from the D rose 6, D lillard 2, and CLB2015, all of which i have and love.

  11. Shoe looks even better with clear pics. Apparently its only caged on the outer lateral side- this could work, because the boost can expand on the hardest forefoot impact point but is still stable on the outer forefoot area. That piece is also going to support your foot on lateral movements very well.

    Full length boost that I can take outdoors with a Jacquard upper. I’ll almost entirely sold at this point. If the lockdown and traction is decent I’ll definitely be picking this up.

    1. No, Jordan XX9’s issues are because there’s no protection between the straps, and the Woven, these have a little fuse-eyelet around every hole to reduce the risk of ripping, or tearing. It’s also why the loops usually put under the most pressure(the top 2) have the TPU-cover to take most of the pressure.

  12. Adidas, please make another version that have bounce cushioning on the shoe. Full length boost might be too much cushion

  13. Initially thought the shoes looked really high off the ground with a thick midsole, but from these clearer pictures they look like they should be pretty low to the ground and have decent court feel

    1. The traction is exactly like the Hyperrev 2015. Only deeper, thicker and more rounded. Collins has no idea what he is talking about

  14. Nice shoe I hope they come out with basic colorways and not all of those bright colors when will they come out I’m getting in line for them now

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