FILA and Melissa Shoes Announce Surprise Collaboration

The collaboration features four new items: three pairs of footwear in men’s and women’s sizing and one accessory.

Today, FILA is releasing a surprise collaboration with Melissa Shoes, a Brazilian brand that has received worldwide recognition for its usage of sustainably-produced, recyclable PVC plastic. The collaboration features the Melissa Sneaker + FILA, the Melissa Slide + FILA, the Melissa Sandal + FILA, and the Melissa Pochete + FILA (a bumbag).

First is the Melissa Sneaker. Keeping in tune with FILA’s heritage, the Melissa Sneaker + FILA is done up in a combination of FILA’s famous colors: navy, red and white with alternating shoelaces and is made up of Melissa Brand’s unique raw material: plastic. There is also a white and Tiffany Blue colorway as well.

Additionally, the Melissa Slide + FILA is a new take on one of Melissa’s most popular items. While the insole features a striped pattern, the upper features the collaboration’s logo, a nod to the iconic Borg Logo of the 70s.

Meanwhile, the Melissa Sandal + FILA features a chunky high platform with a jagged sole that is sure to stand out from the crowd. There are two double-lock Velcro straps to keep the foot contained upon movements to go with some embossed detailing

Lastly is the Melissa Pochete + FILA, a bumbag (fanny pack) that takes its design clues from similar bags from the 80s and 90s. It comes in FILA’s recognizable color palette for a fresh, new take on one of the most important accessories this season.

The Melissa + FILA collaboration is available now at the Galeria Melissa in New York (500 Broadway), Sao Paulo and London as well as other special exclusive stockists worldwide. Visit the official Melissa website for more information on the collaboration.

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Melissa Sneaker + FILA 7

Melissa Sneaker + FILA 12

Melissa Sneaker + FILA 17

Melissa Sneaker + FILA Plastic Main

Melissa + FILA Slide Red

Melissa Slide + FILA Blue

Melissa Slide + FILA White

Melissa Sandal + FILA Black

Melissa Sandal + FILA Blue

Melissa Sandal + FILA Orange

Melissa Sandal + FILA White

Melissa Pochete + FILA Blue

Melissa Pochete + FILA White




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