Faking the Funk in the Sneaker Community | WearTesters Trash Talk

WearTesters Trash Talk is back and we’re starting things off a little differently than last time.

This time around we’re getting our topics from you, the readers and viewers of WearTesters.com and WearTesters YouTube channel.

In this segment, long-time reader and viewer InZaneKicks asked, “Since you have such a genuine passion for sneakers and basketball, what are your thoughts on those that are disingenuous but have built a YouTube/social media following faking the passion?”

There is no better way to bring WearTesters Trash Talk back than with a topic that everyone wants to talk about but no one seems to be discussing.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic as well and stay tuned for more WearTesters Trash Talk.


  1. I can dig it, great discussion. Transparency would be cool, but just like with what is going on in Washington, DC these days, many of these so called reviewers and so called independent websites that supposedly have no affiliation with Nike, the truth is not always the truth to them. Nightwing, keep doing your thing.

  2. Agreed. I only read and follow Weartesters because they shoot straight regardless of brand. Until you all stop doing what you do well, I don’t care about the other folks nor do I care about what they say. I have 35+ years in athletic footwear and use Weartesters to teach our new employees. Dance with the one who brought you. Keep it up folks.

  3. Well who are the channels that are brand bias? I dont follow closely enough to realize I guess. I feel weartesters is the most comprehensive and systematic with their reviews which makes it my preferred site. I do watch others like Sole Bros. Because they have so much content. And so many reviews, albeit much less specific and informed. Many of them I find severely lacking they are mostly sizzle and no steak(Kick genius, Sole Bro, Richie Yee or Yan(sp), etc.. They’ll have an interesting intro or be personality channels but the ACTUAL REVIEW is generic and unspecific.

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