Eastbay Celebrates Global Running Day with “Be the Hunted” Short Film

June 6 is Global Running Day, an effort to get people all over the world active and moving. To celebrate, Eastbay linked up with TBWA, director Noam Murro, and The Mill to create a short film called Be the Hunted.

Be the Hunted was made exclusively for Eastbay and it is live now on its YouTube channel. It is a fast-paced CGI short that follows a hare running the streets of downtown Los Angeles frantically trying to outrun a pack of hungry foxes nipping at its heels. Be sure to watch to watch until the end to find out why in running glory often goes to the hunted.

As major footwear retailers skew more and more into lifestyle, Eastbay is one of the few remaining shops that offers a huge selection of premium performance running silhouettes from brands like Nike, Asics, Brooks, adidas, New Balance, and more.

Check out the short film below and share your thoughts in the comments below. Did you run for Global Running Day?

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