Dick’s Stocks Brandblack Silhouettes Like the DJX and No Name

Brandblack has arrived at Dick’s! Being available at a big-box retailer like Dick’s is a significant step for the brand. Now, the DJX Trainer (in a new black/white colorway), No Name, and J Crossover 2 are available at Dick’s…but they’re all labeled as “casual shoes.” Strange, because everything Brandblack makes is inspired by performance — and the brand ha so many performance beasts under its belt already.

To pick up the DJX Trainer, No Name, or J Crossover 2 (that silhouette’s days are definitely numbered) click here. Sizes are disappearing fast — which is a good sign for BB.




Images via / Brandblack


  1. This is huge for Brandblack. I hope one day Dicks will also have a Weartesters Edition Brandblack shoe.

  2. Have many people actually got the DJX trainer. I was going to buy a pair, but a poster here put me off as he said there is no tongue on the shoe and that the lace holes are through the bootie which makes the fit crap.

    On a side note, I just ordered my first BrandBlack shoes – J Crossover 2 low and No Name S. Both in black colorways.

    1. I have the grey pair. I can’t speak on them performance wise because I got them for casual use. However, it’s true that the it’s all one piece, which is kind of annoying to put on and also it makes the tongue area crease. And since it’s one piece and the laces go through the upper, lacing them tight doesn’t make much of a difference. They are snug to begin with so they never feel loose on me, and the upper and cushion feel amazing.

      IMO, great looking and good for casual wear, probably decent for training for the most part because fit is still snug by default, only real drawback is that they are a little tough to put on.

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