A Detailed Look at the Nike LeBron Soldier 12

It’s time to take a detailed look at the Nike LeBron Soldier 12.

The annual Nike LeBron Soldier model is here with its 12th iteration. Yes, 12 years of Nike Soldier models…and I’ve been playing in them since the Soldier 2 (bricks). Crazy!

Again with the straps. Laceless basketball sneakers aren’t really a thing, thank goodness, but the Nike LeBron Soldier 12 does prove that you can have a laceless basketball sneaker that still locks you in. This latest version of the shoe feels more refined than the last two models; it’s built on a better, closer fitting, last and adds materials that really wrap around and hug your foot make a big difference in how the shoe feels on-foot.

Heel and forefoot Zoom Air are back, just the way we like it, and they feel good so far. At $140 the Soldier 12 isn’t the most affordable Soldier model to date, and there are definitely other shoes priced well under the $140 mark that perform beautifully. Thus, the Soldier has serious competition this year.

Enjoy our detailed look at the Nike LeBron Soldier 12 and let us know if this is a shoe you’re looking forward to this year.



  1. Can’t wait for a performance review. I don’t know why I need another pair of hoops shoes, but I’ll probably cop them anyway if they’re good.

  2. First session with these this morning. Remarkable. Can’t wait to play tomorrow. The straps finally work like I hoped they would evolve after the 9. The cushion shocked me: not Lebron 15 great, but not far off.
    Question I have is how the traction works out, but no issues so far.

  3. I like this shoe. I just hope the medial straps won’t come undone during play/running. I heard from a person that he experienced the medial straps coming off during plays since both feet tends to scrape each other at the medial side. I hope his report is an isolated case.

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