A Detailed Look Inside an Eastbay Magazine from 1997

Anyone wondering what it was like inside of an Eastbay magazine back in 1997? We have a detailed look for anyone wanting to know or wanting to reminisce.

I only have five magazines so I will only be able to do five of these videos, but hopefully you enjoy this one for now and stay tuned for more.



  1. LOL ! I have those same CBs back in the day. man, they were so light and comfy compared to today’s CB retros that are stiff as a rock, but the heel max unit of my OG’s on my right shoe popped after 2 months. man, they were so fragile back then and need to be careful when balling with them like almost never.

    also, remembering when some of us are piss-poor and couldn’t even afford to have those signature sneakers which are seldom sold and cost an arm and a leg just to get one while we are just contended on mid-tier Nike shoes and converse and reeboks and even wore locally made cheap no-name sneakers that were damn terrible which I regretted using because they practically kill your toenails and cause you paniful blisters while salivating Jordans worn by rich kids back then. most memorable shoes that were worn by these kids were the classic jordan 8s and 9s. not to be outdone, atleast the Cons React by then were heavily advertised with LJ and KJ in the 90s. oh and who can forget the Filas endorsed by GH.

  2. This was such a nostalgic trip to 97. Makes me wish I kept all my Eastbay mags. I remember Damon Stoudamire wore the Nike air turbulence. My school team also wore the Nike Air force ots. The multi color straps were so dope. Fila was straight FIRE back in the day. The Fila M Squad in the black and purple. This Weartesters episode was so dope.

  3. One of my fav videos thus far. Gives a lot in terms of nostalgia and sharing a bit more of your background. I can relate to the whole geeking out on something in school, bringing magazines and stuff, and then start legit learning about something (maybe not the most important things) because you could constantly review the selection. For me it was Legos (magazine was so legit), N64 and then PS2 stuff, and car stuff well before I could drive. That was literally our own version of internet window shopping and looking stuff up. 90’s man…

    The hindsight on what sat and what was hot is crazy, too. Need a pair of the Air Turbulence if they ever retro, contemplating the retro Turf Jets and Hawks.

    btw that’s a god awful portrait of Grant Hill. lmao

  4. That interchangeable strap thing was awesome. It actually improved lockdown. They really should consider bringing that back. I had the hightop shoe that used it.

  5. Yes!! 1997 it may be our best memory, seems like you and I similiar age as your described in this video. Once upon a time, those great shoes/tech debut in 1997
    Convers 2000 was awesome in heel cushion only US 30.00 can buy it in Taiwan,
    Needless to say that zoom flight series, air penny 2 , air jordan 12 , all zoom air no matter what type of zoom air such as full length ,separately , 4/3 flexible zoom ..etc that all XXXXXX amazing, detail to describe that only put on the shoes then, stand up on the ground, every body can felt zoom air’s “bouncy” . Even exaggeration to say that felt like put the spring into the midsole… FILA 96 Grand Hill, jerrystackhouse,cb34 , uptempo series.. also as a great cushion ,awesome fitting for outdoor use. Moreover,nike’s racing /casual shoes , too much too much great shoes.But only adidas in that year performance too sucks…
    Till today, what kind zoom air can let me felt no zoom air…it is very regret, while I put my foot into those retros. All I can say that is “disappointing”

  6. Fantastic Nightwing, bravo. This was incredibly hip, stylish, cool as fuck. Brings back memories. ’97 was the year I am referring to, as most companies brought it. I was proud to wear Nike back then, proud. Now? LOLOLOLOLOLOL But back then, yeah, everyone was bringing it. Tim Hardaway wore the Maestro’s, Reebok After Shock, great shoe which was worn by Shawn Kemp, and the Nike Uptempo Max weighed about 21 ounces, and were really the most inflexible shoe, then the worst traction ever. Great throwback vid man!

  7. Its so cool to see that I wasn’t the only one who learned about sneakers and the tech this way. All of my friends thought I was crazy for reading these things.

    1. those were the days that magazines actually existed. from superhero comics to playboys and posters. not sure if some of you still have posters, but I do if I like them. also, I’m wondering if Chris’s Voltron figure is the old die cast model assembly type construction transformable version or the new plastic assembly one or fixed model? I always loved those Lions over the Voltron Force.

      right now, I’m saving up for some nasty figurine collectible.

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