Detailed look at the All-New adidas AlphaBoost

Things just got real as adidas Running randomly released the all-new adidas AlphaBoost.

For fans of the original AlphaBounce can now have way more cushion with the brand new implementation of an all Boost Midsole. The upper is similar to the original model, utilizing a lightweight forged mesh that adds a lightweight feel with plenty of ventilation. The Boost midsole provides more than enough feedback under-foot while portions are slightly firmer than the rest for added stability. They’re finished off in a brand new outsole featuring the popular Continental rubber for enhanced traction.

For those interested, Dicks Sporting Goods now has them available in the colorway shown below while has them available in the colorway shown as well as a Glory Blue makeup.

What do you think about adidas upgrading the AlphaBounce with a new Boost midsole? Sound off in the comments below and enjoy the detailed images.

Photography by Stanley Tse, exclusively for All rights reserved.


  1. These are intriguing. Liking the blue pair on adc. Wondering how the boost feels compared to other recent runners like the UB19.

  2. While it achieves an interesting aesthetic to match the AlphaBounce, I feel like Adidas is just throwing Boost everywhere, and not really making a case as to why every model should be considered worthwhile.

    It’s kinda weird to say a cushion system is played out, but I think Adidas managed to do that as they seemingly used that as their forefront selling point.

    1. You’re not completely wrong on this. Just b/c it’s BOOST doesn’t mean it needs to be put on everything. Also it has to be integrated correctly.

      1. I kind of want them to try something new with it, but im not exactly sure what. Something ive always wanted to try would be boost with zoom air, like maybe heel and forefoot units on top of the boost. Itll never happen of course, but it could give the boost a quick bounce back that it lacks but with maximum impact protection that zoom usually doesnt have. Or it could suck, i dunno. Im just saying if adidas can get their own version of zoom, maybe even in a foam form, they could give it a shot.

        1. I want to see a Boost drop-in midsole. It would solve the instability issue and also wouldn’t give the midsole that ‘Boost look’.

  3. I like the new design, a slight but proper evolution. New outsole looks especially interesting.
    However, I appreciated alphaBOUNCE for what they were – a more budget friendly model with a less ‘extreme’ cushioning. They already have a shitload of runners on boost. And now, do they even have a runner on bounce anymore?

  4. Agreed…But I have to say I DID think (about the original), it would be dope if they put boost on this. But yes, it does stray from the area of budget model into more of a top tier expensive runner

  5. I had the AlphaBounce. While I enjoy the style and the cushion, those shoes had zero breathability! Judging from these pictures it seems like it will be the same case…

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