A Detailed Look at the ARKK Copenhagen Scorpitex

We’re shedding some light on yet another brand: ARKK Copenhagen. It isn’t a new brand, but it is new to the U.S. market.

By delivering quality products that are fashion forward and minimalist, ARKK Copenhagen hopes to gain some momentum in the U.S. as the runner-lifestyle look is more popular as it ever has been.

We only have one model on-hand, the Scorpitex, which is interesting but doesn’t showcase ARKK’s ability to use higher quality materials in addition to mesh builds. However, you get the idea of what the brand is aiming for — sleek, comfortable, and stylish offerings for those unafraid to wear something outside the norm.

We hope you enjoy our detailed look at the ARKK Copenhagen Scorpitex and you can check out more of what ARKK has to offer by visiting its site here.

Instead of offering discounts on Black Friday, ARKK Copenhagen offered donations. You can learn more by clicking here.

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