Detailed First Impressions of the Way of Wade ‏ 6

“Nants ingonyama bagithi baba.” For those that don’t know what the heck I just said, that’s the beginning of the movie Lion King; it’s the sunrise scene, right before the Circle of Life song. Take a look at the video below to refresh your memory.

By a show of comments, how many can agree that the WoW 6 is Dwayne Wade’s best silhouette released by Li-Ning yet? In my humble opinion, these bad boys are fire.

The WoW 6 utilizes a knitted upper with fuse overlays to help protect against abrasions. It sits atop a new cushioning system called Drive Foam that feels great on-foot.

Drive Foam uses high-performance polyurethane Elastopan developed by BASF Germany, the same company that developed adidas’ Boost and Brooks’ DNA AMP. According to Sunlight Station, it provides a longer period of energy return than the traditional EVA material.

Upon initial try on I was shocked — I had expected something firm and uncomfortable. However, that is not the case with the Way of Wade 6. I can’t wait to take these to the court and ball out of control.

The Way of Wade 6 retails for $155 at Sunlight Station. However, it is sold out both there and at

We’re also excited to see what the Way of Wade 6 LS (lifestyle) is like on-foot.

way of wade 6 sun rise 1

li-ning way of wade 6 sun rise 3

way of wade 6 sun rise 2


Images via Sunlight Station


  1. Very easy shoe to get along with. I changed the insole to stiffen up the forefoot a bit because the supplied piece is very flexible.

    Just don’t play around debris. The carbon shank’s clearcoat gets messed up easy.

  2. I’m just waiting for some more CW.. Maybe an Overton or Caution or 20K type CW. I’m so glad the cushion had changed to “marshmallows”.

  3. How do they fit? Since they are not releasing size 14 sneakers do you think it is possible that a size 13 will fit? The sneakers are super cool

  4. I tried to order a pair from the official Li-Ning store on AliExpress ( ), on the famous 11.11 big sale day, price nearly 45% off, my shoe size was sold out. They restocked this morning, but the price is too high for my current budget. I think I will save money and look for another model, or wait for another price drop, probably near Black Friday? or Christmas / End of Year festivities.

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